Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Baby Post

When last we spoke, I was awaiting the birth of my first kid.

Well, that happened.

My beautiful daughter was born in September and I couldn’t be happier. Or at least, I assume that’s what I would feel if I weren’t too sleep deprived to feel emotion. I thought I felt the warmth of happiness the other day – but then realized it was just a wet fart.

It seems a bit irresponsible of me to have not posted since her birth. I’ve been writing this blog for 5 (!!!) years now. Many of you have been reading for years and have always been supportive and excited at my various life changes – buying a house, getting married, that time I threw my back out while dancing at a bar downtown. You guys care – and I appreciate that.

 But damn if it ain’t hard to live up to ‘The Baby Post’. Someday, my daughter is going to find this blog and want to see what I said after her birth. Unfortunately, the second paragraph already says ‘fart’. Sorry, kid.

That’s life. Sometimes you surprise yourself and create something incredible. Other times you have to force pen to paper no matter how long you draw blanks.

This blog post falls under the latter, but that little bundle of joy is definitely the former.