Thursday, August 21, 2014


In my mind, I like to look back and think Jesus was kind of a jerk.  A good jerk - but a jerk.

Think about stories in the bible and tell me how someone could pull that off without sounding really cocky.

Take the story of the fisherman who were unable to catch fish -

'Hey, fisherman - why don't you try throwing your nets over the OTHER side of the boat, ya corncobs?  Oh there's fish over there?  Who knew.'

Or when he's feeding all those people -

'Are you SURE there's only seven loaves there?  Take a look again, tell me what you see?  Eh?  More bread.  Noob.' 

Or disappearing from his tomb.  The apostles were like 'Dudes - I swear Jesus was in here.'

Then - THEN - he goes around appearing to his buddies with no one around like 'NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO BELIEVE YOU LOL!'

Dude was out there just bustin' everyone's balls.  No wonder Peter denied knowing him.  We've all gotten a quick bit of amnesia when someone calls out a buddy.

So just remember the next time someone asks 'What would Jesus do?' - we're talking about the guy that hung out with prostitutes and was never too far from a bottle of wine. 

For a guy who rose from the dead, maybe his true lesson was YOLO.


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