Monday, July 11, 2011

Name of the Game

As my wife and I continue to play Jedi mind games over whether she is going to take my last name, I've realized that I've already won.

Sure, I'd love to see my last name on her driver's license, but my name already has a prominent place:

We are Jeff and Francesca.

Notice that? Do you see whose name came first? You're damn right you did.

I'm the leading man in the movie that is our relationship. If our coupledom was put up on the marquee, my name would be in giant, capital letters covered in puffy paint and glitter. She would have the left-over letters and they'd have to use a backwards 3 for the "e".

There is no rhyme or reason around who gets top billing in couples. It can be guys (Brad and Brittany) or girls (Meaghan and Jerry). It just has to sound right.

And hot damn does my name sound right stepping on the gas and pulling away in first place of the name game.

Know who else's name always comes first?

Brad Pitt.

Brad and Jen.

Brad and Angelina.

See a theme? Always starts with "Brad". Even when he's dating some uber-celebrity, he gets top billing.

Which obviously means I'm like a modern-day Brad Pitt, before he got old and stole all those foreign children.

Yep, Brad and Jeff, two peas in a pod.

Wait - why does his name go first?


Kyna said...

I took my husband's last name because it was a nice sounding, short, simple name. As opposed to my maiden name, which was long and ethnic.

I'll often see some dude's last name in the paper or something, and say to Chuck, 'If that had been your last name, I wouldn't have changed mine'. Is that terrible? I don't think so.

ClevelandPoet said...

a few days after getting married (and she already planned on taking my last name cus she liked how it sounded)she joked she wasn't going to and I reminded her that no matter what I was the headliner and she was just the local opener that got paid in beer and nuts.

didn't really go over to well.


Moooooog35 said...

So, if we follow the Brad/Angelina theme, the two of you together are known as "Jeffcesca?"

Sounds like a refreshing lemon/lime beverage.

Fizzgig said...

I took my danged name back when I got divorced. It was the best thing I ever did. Giving up your name is hard, but I agree, you do get top wouldn't sound right the other way around.

In the game of winning, you win.

BradU20 said...

My name owns your name.