Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Facebook's Status

I think it is time that my generation accepts what Facebook has become.

It is no longer a vehicle for guys to check out girls in their slutty Halloween costumes and for girls to troll their ex-boyfriends and make snide remarks about their new girlfriend.  Even if she is fat.

My generation grew up with Facebook in its infant stages - when a .edu email address was required to sign up and the main function was finding that hot girl that sat in front of me in my economics class.

The problem is that generation kinda sucks now.  We're older.  We don't go out as much.  We're married.  Our Halloween costumes are disappointingly unslutty.

Even those that are still cool, who still lead exciting lives, are broadcasting this to an audience that hopes it can stay up late enough to watch the end of American Idol.  

When my friends discuss my impending parenthood, they say nearly the same thing, 'You aren't going to be one of those annoying parents that always posts pictures of their baby, are you?'

I used to say no.  At least, not unless the baby was in a slutty costume.  But I've reconsidered.

If not to post pictures of what is happening in my life, what is the point of Facebook?  Are married couples asked not to post pictures of their spouse?  Would Facebook exist if single girls were told they couldn't post pictures of their friends at the bar?

Our lives are all boring.  Or at least, boring to those people who aren't living them.  My kid is no more annoying than a picture of the dessert you're eating.  Is the point of Facebook to update your friends on your life, or to entertain them?  Because if it is the latter, we need to talk about your checking into gas stations.

Besides, we all grew up using Facebook as a way to hook up, seems a bit hypocritical to ban posting pictures of the results. 


SandiHensel said...

Totes agree. Everyone complains about babies but no one gives a shit about your duck face either.

Carol said...

I hope you post all the pictures of your baby that you feel like. Anyone who doesn't want to see them can just not look at them. Then again, I have a Facebook page for my cat...

Fizzgig said...

yea, the whole idea behind fb is staying connected with people you don't see all the time....if someone doesn't wanna be connected,and see whats up with your life, they shouldn't be. its not up to anyone else to dictate what you post.

I post more pictures of my pets than anyone does of their kids, cus its part of my life.

Jez said...

I'll stop posting pictures of my kids when they stop posting pictures of their pets.

Thank you.

Brent said...

The only reason I haven't killed my Facebook is because it's logically the easiest way to share pics of our kids with family, most of whom live several hours away. It's been that way since my parents got Facebook. And all my uncles and aunts. And my 80 year old grandma. My 'interesting' (read: too profane, too sarcastic, too post-baby boomer for my family) stuff is reserved for Twitter.

It's funny, cuz I think everyone's baby pics are dumb and boring, but I sincerely think everything my kids do is a Norman Rockwell painting and I refuse to be told otherwise.

Anonymous said...