Friday, October 19, 2007

How Many Octobers Are There Again, Dane Cook?

And how many postseasons? I forget - it would be great if you could run the same commercial 600 times a game so that I could get that drilled into my head, thaaaaanks.

Random Thoughts on a hungover Friday:

Why do I get hangovers from drinking only a few beers? I was being responsible last night, kharma, now hold up your end of the deal.

When you take away being wasted and all the bad dancing, being at a bar is just a lot of nodding and pretending you understood the person next to you. Does this mean deaf people are partying all the time? (That one might have been a low blow)

A friend of mine wanted me to join eHarmony as a test to see how the people on there actually are but I refused, "I have too much self respect for that shit." I said. But where the hell do people meet these days? I never meet anyone interesting at the bar and it is an extremely intricate maneuver to get a phone number in daylight hours without sounding like a skeeze. A friend told me the best way to is to be introduced through friends - so I now blame my singleness on you - get hotter friends, Reader!

The Cleveland Indians cancelled Rocktober. I had to miss Jason Isbell and the Drive-By Truckers and Ryan Adams would be game 3 of the World Series (if we make it). I feel dirty picking sports over music - if 17 yr old goth Jeff could see 24 yr old sports Jeff he would be PISSED. He wouldn't do anything about it though - some things never change.

When the hell did the leaves change color? Fall is my favorite time of year and I just now noticed the leaves had changed and were falling. What the hell! Luckily there is more than one October - wait...whats that, Dane Cook? Aw Shit.


Allison M. said... EHarmony. Don't know it til you try it. It would be one hell of an experiment. All my friends are slutty, married or too high-maintenance. You do still want to be friends after a date with one of them, right?

Jason said...

I think he would be okay with meeting any and all of your slutty friends.