Sunday, October 17, 2010

Caption Contest - Winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted captions. I was called Green Goblin, Alex Ovechkin, Green Hornet and Bono. Which, as the Lady Friend can attest, are all people I also enjoy being during role play.

I realize I don't blog much anymore so it was humbling for so many people to take time out of their day to make fun of me on the internet. I'm touched.

On to our winner -

"It's like Bono, only Irish."

Get it?

Because Bono IS Irish?

What can I say, I move in mysterious ways.

That wonderful caption came from Twitter - and the author was none other than common commenter here at the 'Neck, @zwinggi

His lucky self and one guest will be attending Brewzilla as part of Cleveland Beer Week. An amazing event that is like a week long pre-game for my wedding. Like P90X for my liver.

So congrats to @Zwinggi and thank you to all who participated. You boosted and crushed my confidence all at the same time.

And thank you to the wonderful people at Cleveland Beer Week for sponsoring this competition. It is truly a wonderful event and shows off a lot of Cleveland's great traits - as well as their alcoholism.

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Hex said...

Cleveland beer week? Isn't that the very special holiday that lasts from January to December? You guys are calling that a week now?