Thursday, September 20, 2007

Super Sexy Update

Drink it up ladies...

Random conversation from tonight:

Chuck: Would you do Queen Latifah?
Me: No?...Would you?
Chuck: Fuck yeah!
Me: ....
Chuck: You wouldn't fuck Queen Latifah just to tell you friends you fucked Queen Latifah?
Me: We have the same friends...and they would all say the same thing..."Why?"
Chuck: You would totally do Queen Latifah
Me: Am I drunk?
Chuck: Of course
Me: Hell yes I would fuck Queen Latifah!

Other random conversation:

Me: Chuck, if I were a spy and constantly drug you into my business and you had to get me out of trouble all the time would you get pissed?
Chuck: Am I your side-kick?
Me: No - you are still in school but I am always calling you to save my ass and you get shot at and stuff
Chuck: Do I get a gun?
Me: No
Chuck: I would get a little frustrated

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