Thursday, March 20, 2008

Party Butt

Ok I'll admit - when I first saw the story about the woman who stayed in the bathroom so long that she grew into the toilet I giggled. But as the story has progressed (and I became frustrated with my failure to come up with a witty nickname for her) it began to get under my skin (kinda like a toilet seat you've been sitting on for two years).

They are now charging her boyfriend for "mistreatment of a dependent adult".

Why is this country obsessed with finding people to blame for every situation? I understand this guy should've gotten her help sooner - and that this situation is ridiculous - but what about drug addicts who have their lives destroyed by drugs. Shouldn't their family and friends be charged for not "treating a dependent adult"? In fact, some of you should probably be charged for not helping me with my dependence on being sexy. Shame on you, Reader!

When are we as a country going to just stand up and admit that sometimes we fuck up. There isn't always someone to blame - sometimes you are just batshit crazy and sit on a toilet for two years.

This guy didn't beat her or force her in there. In fact he took care of her and fed her - and was the one who eventually called for help.

So I am here to say - if I ever grow into a toilet (which has come close to happening - thanks Chipotle) - I'll be the first accept the blame for my life going to the shitter.


Allison M. said...

There is soooo much more to that story that we don't know yet. I laughed a little too until I started to picture what being stuck to the toliet seat would look like.

michelle v said...

Oh my god! Where have I been, I just heard about this story now. This is insane - and totally hilarious. Is that wrong?

Narm said...

Allison M - so after you laughed a little and then had the mental image did you laugh a lot harder? Because I did.

Michelle V - no - celebrate the laughter. I refuse to feel sorry for someone that literally won't stand up for themselves.