Thursday, March 13, 2008


This week has found me strapped to a giant rocket with ACME written in large, red letters. Each time I think I have that damn road runner in my grasp I run out of cliff and turn into yet another long whistling fall and anti-climatic "poof". Beep beep, indeed.

I hope to soon divulge the full happenings of this seven day suckstravaganza - and trust me it is good. There is drama, suspense, heartbreak, cops and a plugged toilet - all the makings of a classic day-time movie starring Rob Lowe as the ruggedly handsome, yet uncontrollable heartthrob - JEFF NOMINA. The guys want to be him! The girls think they can change him! Tune in next week for COMMON DENOMINATOR!

Or maybe it'll just be a big whinefest about a shitty week. Either way its comin so you might as well prepare yoursexyselves.


Alexa said...

cock tease.

Narm said...

Ha - see - even guys know how to play hard-to-get.