Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Live, Laugh, Fart

My nephews are at that amazing age where they have discovered poop jokes. Unfortunately, in my family, that is where the maturation process ends. Here is a typical Narmonian life cycle:

Birth ---> Walking ---> Talking ---> Potty Training ---> Poop Jokes ---> Death

So the other night I was home for Christmas and my 3 year old nephew looks up at me, sticks his tongue out and farts.

Which sent me into a fit of laughter that had me rolling on the ground. In fact, I laughed SO hard -

That I farted.

I guess it "runs" in the family.

(Have you entered my contest to win a year's supply of Lean Pockets? Why not? All I'm asking you to do is make fun of me on the internet. I'm starting to feel like this relationship is one sided, Reader. I give and I give and all I get in return is some web traffic and lonely nights spent pecking away at this keyboard. We used to LIVE, ya know? Where's the passion? Why don't you just click that link above and leave a caption and we can try to rekindle this flame.)


Moooooog35 said...

I'm pretty sure there's another 'potty training' just before 'death.'

Fizzgig said...

something is ingrained in men that make them laugh at farts.

Kyna said...

I work at Barnes & Noble. We have a book called 'The Fart Book' (original, I know) that makes different fart noises if you press different buttons. It's located behind customer service where i stand all day. I hear mechanical fart noises and giggling all day long. I wonder what kind of heartless bastards think this kind of torture is actually funny.

Now I I know.

Jez said...

Dude, quit schilling the lean pockets. Give it to Mooog35 already. He had the best ones. I don't want anything related to Hot Pockets. I ate one and my back hurt.

Jas said...

I farted during a take of the "money scene" in this film that I'm working on. It was wonderful; the camera was set up to record the action straight on, making it that much more effective when I looked directly into the lens with the look of the upmost worry... only to interrupt the moment with a wily, loud "FRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR."

I believe that people underestimate the social value of flatulents. Farting is the perfect tool to diffuse any awkward, uncomfortable, or potentially hazardous situation.

Andhari said...

Amazing! haha

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