Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pandora's Box Set

Work has been crazy stressful lately.

Not because of the actual work - but because of Pandora.

As an elitist prick - I have to ensure I'm only listening to bands that are underground and that most people haven't heard. When listening to Pandora, every like and dislike is a calculated endeavor - I'm at risk of "selling out" with every thumbs up.

If I go from Collin Herring to Band of Horses to Lucero to the Avett Brothers to Wilco - well, then I've done something right.

But when that same station suddenly veers into DIERKS FUCKING BENTLEY - my entire world spins out of control.

What have I done? What is it about me that made Pandora think I would like bubble-gum pop country? Is it my hair? Is it my jeans? Is it the way I walk or the way I talk? What will my friends say? Is this some kind of gateway drug to listening to Rascal Flatts?

Now that I've been Bentley'd over, I live in constant fear of every song I hear on Pandora. What does it mean if I like this song? Is it too poppy? What does this song say about me as a person?

I feel like Pandora just attacked my character; like this was personal. And I have no way to fight back. Sure, I could just keep disliking everything Pandora plays for me. I could give them the middle finger in the shape of a thumbs down. But we all know they've been holding the secret weapon. All they have to do is press one button and my entire life is over. You see, one thumbs down too many and BAM.


And that's why I gave that Dierks Bentley song a thumbs up.


lacochran's evil twin said...

Awwww... a Nicleback reference. *places hand over heart*

Joanna M said...

My Pandora just suddenly went quiet. I switched over thinking it was going to ask if I was still listening and instead I found a message "Finding the perfect song is taking a little longer than usual - please be patient." I finally gave up and switched stations - same thing. I gave up and opened iTunes. I think Pandora hates me. :>(

Moooooog35 said...

You say "Pandora" and I think "box" and then I think "box" and go to "porn" and then MY DAY IS RUINED WITH INTERNET BROWSING.

Well. Not RUINED.

Allison M. said...

sometimes I think pandora throws some curve balls at us to see if we are still listening.

And, yes I am.