Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Slip of the Tongue

I called something 'retarded' yesterday.

Which is pretty lame.

I work fairly hard to clean up my language and remove some of the ignorant and offensive phrases that are common these days.

For example, 'retarded' just isn't a very efficient insult. Calling someone 'retarded' would mean they have an actual physical condition that results in their mental retardation. I don't want to tell someone they have a physical condition - I want to tell them they are fucking stupid.

It is also lazy and unoriginal to call something 'gay'.

I once stayed in from a night at the bars to hang out with my girlfriend and my friends referred to me as 'gay'. Because nothing says, 'homosexual' like turning down drunken ass slaps with your buddies to have naked ass slaps with your girlfriend.

And 'gay' isn't really a good description of how it is often used. I know plenty of homosexuals who are not effeminate. Just because someone doesn't exude a complete and total image of MANitude at all times does not make them 'gay'.

It makes them French.

Finally, an insult that isn't offensive to ANYONE.


Jamaican said...

Love it!! Lol!

Allison M. said...

I can think of a lot better insults than those words too.

see-you-next-tuesday biatch!

seanski said...

I love this post. And I HATE when people say something is "gay" when describing something weird or stupid.

I may be weird, but I am not stupid.

Cara Lageson said...

A breath of fresh air and hilariousness. I totally agree, my friend. Thank you for this post!

Jenn Vojta said...

Is this why you kept calling me Frenchie on Tuesday morning? It makes totally sense now. Jerk.