Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Cascade Killer


Fizzgig said...

This is the female equivelant to leaving the toilet seat up. I believe many of us are guilty of the blade side up thing. (i mean the blad is the part that needs cleaned not the handle??)

It might be a subconscious eff you to all the times our warm cheeks have met ice cold toilet water......?

Rachelle said...

Maybe she doesn't want you to die, she just wants a new dishwasher.

Personally, I do it 'cause I have a cheap dishwasher; if I put the knives in the basket points down, they poke the bottom and cut the spinny water-thrower thingie at the bottom. You know the one I mean...

Jez said...

Are these table (or "butter") knives, or are these your "chef" knives. Personally, I hand wash all "chef" type knives, and Rachelle's remark then = fail for table knives going face down.

Also, if you put anything in steam, it will get clean. Doesn't matter if it's being held in a basket. I mean, how long does it take to cook a finger if you'd put it in boiling water, amiright?

If you're having trouble getting knives clean in a dishwasher, maybe you should, you know, wipe the peanut butter off of it first. I could make a sandwich out of the peanut butter people will leave on a knife.

Rachelle said...

That's a little strange - I'm not sure how having a cheap cutlery basket with wide holes makes my comment a fail, but if it makes you feel any better, Jez, you're welcome to come and "handwash" my knives. And also, prewash all of my dishes.

My dogs could also use a bath.

Maxie said...

Isn't this just a legit excuse to NEVER empty the dishwasher?

Gilahi said...

A) All silverware goes handle-side DOWN in a dishwasher so the water will drain off and leave fewer spots on it. The fact that it's deadly when knives are done this way is purely secondary.

B) Bears are NOT scarier than Rachel Ray.

Narm said...

@Fizzgig - No - this is the equivalent of taping steak knives to the toilet seat!

@Rachelle and @Jez - My wife loves to leave peanut butter on butter knives as well. I'm going to be stabbed to death in a sticky mess.

@Maxie - That be womens' work!

@Gilahi - I'm going to tell Rachel Ray you said that.

Ed said...

Wait a second.

Your wife actually touches dishes?!

I'm calling BULLSHIT!

Or unfair.

Jez said...

Rachelle -

First - table knives would not fall through the strainer because the ends are rounded, not pointy, if you were to put them blade-down.

I'll gladly handwash your knives and even make you scrambled egg burritos with Costco raw tortillas using my big black cast iron skillet, provided you supply the good craft beer. Hint: I like IPAs.

However, I do not wash dogs or other animals.

Jez said...

@Gilahi -

Why would the spots cling to the silverware if it was handle up? It's in that silverware-thingy, right? So it's not like it's sitting in a puddle of water.

Christ. I can't believe I'm actually having a conversation about silverware! Have I become dead-inside?

kershaw blur said...

Simple lesson: Never put knives in the dishwasher - or anywhere for that matter - blade-side up. Otherwise, you're just asking for trouble.