Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One For The Road

We are a bunch of whiny assholes.

The only thing people like to do more than nothing is complain about the nothing they are doing.

Living in Cleveland, I hear it all the time; "Cleveland sucks, there is nothing to do!"

Really?  Because I went to college in Toledo, so I know a thing or two about nothing doing.

And if that isn't good enough?  I was raised in Delphos, Ohio - a town of 6,000 people that is 45 miles from the nearest free-standing Starbucks.

Think about that for a minute.  There are places where the nearest Starbucks is literally across the street from a different Starbucks.  And my hometown doesn't have one within 45 miles.  If you were divide the amount of miles the Proclaimers were willing to walk just to fall down at your door by 20, it would be roughly the same amount of walking it would take to get a tall, non-fat latte.

So I get it - we're all bored and there is nothing to do.

My question is - how much more crap do you need?

Think about your social schedule and how often you REALLY go somewhere new and different.  I'm not saying your life is an episode of Cheers - but I'm willing to guess you stick to the same five places with a new place sprinkled in once a month.

If people were really so desperate for something new to do, Applebees' parking lot wouldn't be full on a Friday night while I am the only table at that delicious burger place at the end of my street. 

Anyone in a major U.S. city should have no trouble finding something to do.  And, if they do - I invite them to come back to Delphos with me so I can show them how to entertain themselves.

A new Starbucks just opened up - and if we hurry, we can be there in an hour!


Moooooog35 said...

I entertain myself all the time.

(I put that in air quotes)

Spacefunmars said...

This is some kind of genius.

Amy G said...

THANK YOU. When people tell me they are bored I want to stab their eyes out.

saltgrain said...

Well, within a 30 mile radius we have the Dixie Dream Ice Cream, Dairy Freeze, Two "italian" joints, a Diner (not the up north get everything diner.. the in the south and it's all deep fried joint filled with smoke) a "chinese" beside the food lion, a subway in the gas station and just in the last 6 months we got us a McDonalds. No Bars, No Clubs.. but there are a lot of churches.. and from what we here a lot of poker games and turkey shoots:) We don't go to church.. and prefer not losing our nickles and can shoot in our own backyard.. so we sit on the porch with a cold beer and throw the tennis ball to the dog...lol

Felisa said...

See the Nordstrom in downtown Seattle has a Starbucks on 2 of the 4 streets around it. Not counting the ones a block away from there. It's why I'm never bored! I'm too high strung to be.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Man, this post is boring.

Bob Ignizio said...

Anyone who can't find something to do in Cleveland isn't trying very hard. Plenty of places to eat fantastic food, some of which are nationally renowned. Plenty of places to see great live music, both home grown and national acts. Fans of independent, cult, foreign and classic films have The Cedar Lee, The Capitol Theatre, The Cinematheque, and the Case Western Reserve Film Society. We've got 3 excellent college radio stations playing all the stuff you can't hear on mainstream commercial radio. We've got a new aquarium, the Science Center, the Rock Hall, the Art Museum (which is FREE), and so much more. So yeah, people need to quit whining.

tiaolou003 said...

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