Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My truck smells like asparagus pee.

Which is weird because I haven't eaten asparagus in WEEKS.

I also haven't peed my pants.

At least, not while in my truck.

If you are at Target and smell asparagus pee in the camping section you can blame me.


Fizzgig said...

im happy to report i dont know what asparagus pee smells like, but if its anything like cat pee, peeee youuuuu!

nova said...

My boyfriend doesn't believe asparagus pee is a real thing. He eats asparagus all the time though, but refuses to smell it. Weirdo.

Hex said...

Sounds like the nefarious asparagus pee bandit has done struck again!

flask said...

initial reaction:


secondary reaction, after reading the comments:

according to my understanding of asparagus pee, not all of us carry genes that cause us to convert those particular chemicals into that particular smell, so for some people asparagus pee isn't real.

additionally, some of us do not carry the genes that enable receptors capable of smelling those particular chemicals, so for those people it REALLY isn't real.

what is astounding to me is how quickly those chemicals convert, almost immediately after one had eaten asparagus, which is really interesting.

if that sort of thing interests you.

it does me.

i'm sorry about your truck.

WendyKat said...


LiLu said...

That totally happened to me a couple weeks ago!!! Only it was my actual pee that smelled asparagus-y. But I HADN'T EATEN ANY!!

Grossest. Twinsies. Ever.