Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's For Dinner? Groundhog

“If you’re not qualified to talk about anything, then talk about everything” says Narm. Okay, I’ll give this a whirl.

But I think I’m pretty qualified to talk about dinner, I’ve probably had: 11,483 dinners in my lifetime. Give or take the nights where I had two dinners or more. I’m not a master chef or anything just a guy that likes to eat tasty animals.

For some reason, the little woman and I have the same conversation at about the same time everyday. It goes something like this:

Me: What should we have for dinner?
Her: I dunno what do you want for dinner?
Me: Pizza, Chinese, Burritos? (notice I’ve covered all the major food groups)
Her: I don’t really have a taste for any of those...
Me: Okay, well I really don’t have a taste for anything, and I’m open to whatever so you pick. Chicken maybe?
Her: ... (I assume she’s thinking here, or just plotting new ways to drive me crazy about dinner)
Me: So what do you have a taste for?
Her: I don’t really have a taste for anything either.

This normally continues on in the same circular fashion until we get to a food that we’re both okay with. It’s not really “what’s for dinner?” it’s more of a game of “what’s not for dinner”.

If you majored in English/have a degree in English/done a lot of reading you might have come across: Waiting for Godot (classing this blog up a little) and this whole thing is a lot like that- infuriating. Or if movies are more your thing, this is my personal Groundhog Day.

From this point forward, that’s going to be answer: Groundhog. I might finally be able to follow in Bill Murray’s footsteps and break out of the “what’s for dinner” loop.

So dear reader, the next time your significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, live-in howler monkey or spouse says “what’s for dinner?” answer, Groundhog. Joion me and break the cycle- stop the insanity!

(Note: Not tested in and not designed to work in parts of Appalachia)


Gilahi said...

A) What's wrong with groundhog?
B) Susan Powter?

Q said...

Or you could find a girl like me, who plans the weekly menu and builds the grocery list around all the necessary ingredients, so I only have to shop once a week (I loathe grocery shopping). Then posts a copy of the week's menu on the fridge.

Early in our marriage, hubby would sometimes ask, "what's for dinner?" I'd point to the menu list on the fridge. He stopped asking after a couple of times.

ClevelandPoet said...

I always felt this place was missing a waiting for godot reference.

Also tomorrow (since we're going to a friend's for dinner tonite) I will be using the Groundhog response.

Matt said...

Just some notes-

There's probably a layer of fat directly under his skin (used for winter to keep him warm) that you dont want to eat, so make sure you trim him up nicely before you fry him.

I'd try to go for a younger groundhog. I'd amagine its like eating a rabbit or rattlesnake or something, the older a groundhog gets, the more likely the meat is tougher and gamier.

Bon Apetite

Jez said...

You know, you could just tell her what's for dinner, and make it. I bet you $10 she'd eat it and wouldn't say a word if she didn't like it.