Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cat's Meow

I have the Twitter account.  The Facebook account. A Google+ account I ignore.

Obviously, I have a blog.

I'm on Foursquare.  I use Instagram and Pinterest and I'm dipping my toes in StumbleUpon.

I had a Myspace account; a Xanga.  Hell, I was on Geocities back in the day.

I'm so connected to the internet, my body practically needs Wifi to take a piss.

But there is one last hurdle I need to cross before I can truly say I am internet savvy.

I need a cat.

The internet is actually 46% cat.  Every major development with the internet can be tied back to cats or porn or cat porn.  'Early Adopters'?  More like 'Furly Adopters' - amiright?

I mean, what is my social media presence if I don't even upload pictures of cats to my Facebook page.  Hell, REAL social media nerds' cats have their OWN Facebook page.

So I think it is time to add a furry friend to my life.

Plus, I would finally have someone to blame when my browser history shows all that cat porn.


Heff said...

or to blame when there's a fresh turd found on the floor...

Anonymous said...

Or when you wake up with fur in your mouth and a "I just pumped the neighbors cat" look on your face.

Maxie said...

my mom said she had no clue cats were so big on the internet. now she actually wants a computer.

lacochran's evil twin said...

It does give one paws.

I'll go back to my cage now.

ClevelandPoet said...

also you ever break anything bam blame the cat.