Friday, November 16, 2007

Does This Mustache Make Me Look Older?

Random Friday Thoughts:

I am more surprised when I do things that make me seem young than old anymore. The first realization came when my roommate had to talk me into going to the bars to get wasted and talk to cute girls instead of sitting at home listening to vinyl records and drinking wine. The second, and slightly scarier, came when I was thinking of my Top 5 favorite shows on TV and realized that Fox’s local morning news was probably part of that mix.

If I ever have children (that I know about – kidding, Mom) I am going to immediately sign them up on It is impossible to lose anything that has been signed up with them. I have ordered flowers exactly once from them in four years, yet they send me emails and snail mail daily. Can I sign my car keys up? I feel like there is nowhere I can go that 1800Flowers can’t find me. Are 1800Flowers, Santa and George Bush tapping my phone lines to find out when I’ve been naughty and nice? Is there some circle of power that I don’t know about? I could travel to the middle of the Sahara and find a remote cave infested with rattlesnakes and there would be a coupon for Sweetest Day there.

I like to make jokes with big words in them, that way when people don’t laugh I can tell myself they just didn’t get it.

I have a lot of weird habits. Oddities noticed this week:
I always match my coat to my shoes
I only wear boxers with blue as the main color
I always fold paper towels perfectly in half twice before using them

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. It is centered around drinking, eating, football and naps. If sweatpants were mandatory it would be a holiday bingo.

I am not an Ohio State fan, and I refuse to become one until you Buckeyes get a better argument than, “But you live in Ohio!”. Yeah? So? I’m not an Ohio University fan? And I didn’t go to Ohio State, I could have gone to Ohio State, but I didn’t, so why would I cheer for them? That’s like voting for one candidate but cheering for another to win the election.

That being said, thank you OSU fans for giving me a reason to stumble down W 6th at 9am this weekend and drinking cold beer in 35 degree weather. Maybe I’m not acting THAT old yet.


Joanna M said...

Being a real live OSU alum, I respect the fact that you are not just a "hanger-on fan" - my term.

I find it interesting to watch people who have no affiliation with the school go over the top crazy with 'support.' I have recently met a couple who have redone their entire basement/rec room area in all things Buckeyes. They are roughly my age so I asked what years they attended thinking we may have been there at the same time. The answer "Oh - we didn't go there we just love them."

WTF??? - Get your own life.

Hot Coffee Girl said...

Thanksgiving? Not so much here. But you know how much I love sports in general, and football the I guess that would add up. Plus, I hate turkey. Not a huge fan of ham. My parents used to make pasta for me when I was young because there are so few foods cooked that day that I can even stomach. Plus, I really fucking hate parades. They actually piss me off.

I know. I have some real issues.