Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Top 5 Sitcoms

1. Arrested Development

One of the smartest shows ever. I still sometimes cry at night because this show was canceled.

2. Seinfeld

Who doesn't have Seinfeld on their top 5?

3. The Adventures of Pete and Pete

Why doesn't anyone else remember this show?

4. Ed (guilty pleasure)

Got sucked in to this one during college and I am still mad at TBS for playing reruns of Becker instead of reruns of Ed at noon. I even made sure I watched this while I was on spring break in Jamaica so I wouldn't miss the storyline.

5. Scrubs

I have seen every episode and still watch it twice (at least) a day. If I could do the Turk dance my life would be complete.

Lets hear em!


Allison M. said...

I became a junkie in college.

Sex & The City--
I know every girl will say this, but every guy will say "Seinfeld" or "Family Guy" so I don't want to hear it.

Law & Order: SVU --
My next profession is a detective.

Dawson's Creek
Who doesn't love these?

I missed some early episodes because I was too young. Good thing the Soap channel plays them.

Momo said...

Arrested Development-
I cry with you.

The Cosby Show-
OK, so I know we were a white middle class family, but the dynamics and humor is so similar to my home growing up. If my dad was a black stand-up comedian, he'd be Cosby. It is eery.

The Family Guy-
One word. Stewie.

Whenever I'm sick I want to watch Friends all day. It comforts me. I feel like I know them.

The King of Queens
I don't even know why! It's a weird guilty pleasure. Plus Leah Remini is such a bitch. Love her.

Jason said...

What could be better than a show about nothing... I remember you posting about, "what are you doing tonight"... nothing... well that's something.

HOUSE- (is it a true sitcom?)
How can you not love a show about a guy that's a total dick to everyone?

The Simpsons-
Yeah they've fallen off since about 1996 but they're always there for you- kind of like a fuck buddy with low self-esteem

Never got into them during their initial run, but I will always watch if its a re-run

King of Queens-
Again, watched it in syndication... I totally feel what momo's is saying... no clue why I watch it, but if its on I'm a happy kid

Anonymous said...

I love lists!!

1. Scrubs. Zach is in my recipe after all!
2. The Office. So twisted and hilarious.
3. Friends. I agree...I feel like I know them. Ross is my favorite.
4. That 70s Show. Any show that has so much fun with marijuana gets my vote.
5. Will and Grace. It should have been called Jack and Karen.

Narm said...

I think guys will all say Seinfeld and girls will all say Friends - though I enjoyed Friends while it was on.

I agree on the King of Queens - it follows the fat guy / hot wife formula but I like how they both act like idiots instead of just the husband. How many episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond could they make before they just had to call it Home Improvement?

BloggingJason said...

I'll bite...

1) The Simpsons
Two Words-Ralph Wiggum. When I lived in NC, I scheduled my life around the fact that I could watch it literally 8 times a day.
2) Family Guy
Like The Simpsons, but with ADHD. Finally a show that keep up with my attention span.
3) South Park
They did things you couldn't do on television. That's reason enough for me to love it, but then they went and made me piss myself laughing.
4)Clone High
An animated show from Canada that MTV picked up that NOBODY watched. Which worked out kinda nice for all you people, because then Bill Lawrence had time to make Scrubs. Oh, and it featured Will Forte, Michael McDonald, Christa Miller, Nicole Sullivan, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn, Andy Dick, Debra Wilson, Zach Braff, and Sarah Chalke. If there was more than 13 episodes, it'd be #2 on this list.
5) Scrubs.
Because, at least to me, it was kinda like Clone High, but not animated and not Canadian, and upgraded Michael McDonald to John C. McGinley.

Honorable Mentions-That 70's Show (come on man, they sat in a circle and got munchies) and It's Always Sunny in Philly (best new show out)