Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Odds are it Evens out

I must admit – I’m getting a bit antsy in my pantsy. 2008 is on it’s way and I couldn’t be more excited. Why you ask? My odd years are cursed.

I know that makes me sound crazy – but what is this entire blog about if not craziness?

I first noticed this strange fact in high school, and have since been waiting for an odd year to come out and prove me wrong. 2007 was close, in the way the Indians were close to winning the World Series. It lulled me to sleep with a few good months and better nights before pulling the rug out from under me. So as the sun sets on 2007, I am left with an extra 20 pounds, a late summer break-up, three cracked windshields for one vehicle, the Cavs and Tribe leaving me at the doorstep with a handshake goodnight, the Dolphins somehow playing even more embarrassing than their colors, and an overall hangover that only a prime number can deliver.

But it is November, mid-November at that, and the first few rays of 2008 are peaking over the horizon. Already things are getting better – a few great weekends, some amazing new music, new cute girls and a few extra coins jingling in my pockets. No more whining from this kid – raise your glasses and salute numbers divisible by two. Forget Thanksgiving’s food coma and Christmas’ hangover –it’s almost the New Year – don’t drop the ball.


Jason said...

Personal foul on the phrase "antsy in the pantsy"

BradU20 said...

HA! I forgot all about your odd year curse. From now on I'm going to send you sympathy cards for New Years at the start of odd years.