Thursday, January 3, 2008

Top 5 Places to Visit

A friend of mine suggested (nagged) that I should make a list of the top places I want to visit before I die. The list was pretty easy because at my pace I only have 5-6 good years left. That fact, along with my financial situation, and the list never really made it past Sandusky. For the sake of a more interesting blog, I decided to do a fictional list instead - so this is my list of places I would like to visit assuming I have plenty of money, vacation time and the Swedish Bikini Team as company.

1. Ireland

I'm not Irish, but I do like to drink, take off my pants and get in fights. I want to go to Ireland to see the amazing rolling countryside, incredible architecture, and get a taste of a culture that seems to be like really intelligent Southerners (loud and drunk with funny accents).

2. Austin, Texas

I have been to Texas (San Antone) and loved it. I am pretty sure I was supposed to be a Southern boy, and Texas has everything I could ask for (BBQ, bull-riding and funny accents). Also, with my being a musicaholic, Austin could provide a constant stream of musicahol. A good percentage of my favorite bands hail from Austin (or a few miles north in Fort Worth) and their incredible live music scene, be it South by Southwest or Austin City Limits, would make packing socks unnecessary (because they would immediately be rocked off). Their slogan is "The Live Music Capital of the World" but there is also a movement using the slogan, "Keep Austin Weird". That has Jeff Nomina written all over it.

3. Rome, Italy

So I could do as Romans do. The architecture and history would be interesting to see, as well as the cultural differences. Historically, Rome is the greatest city on Earth and it would be interesting to get a feel of what remains from the glory days.

4. Toronto, Canada

I live like three hours away from Toronto so this one will likely happen someday. I have never heard a bad thing about Toronto, other than the fact that it is in Canada (not that I am downplaying how terrible that is). Seems to be a young and eclectic city with a lot of culture and opportunities.

5. Athens, Greece

Yeah I am a nerd and love all that Greek mythology stuff. Plus people often tell me I look like a Greek god or I am sculpted out of stone so I would fit in well. I could just take off my shirt and stand really still and people would probably think I was a statue and take pictures with me. Then I could put bunny ears behind their head right before they take the picture. Oh, the hilarities!

New York was purposely left off the list. Everyone I told I was making this list said I had to include New York, but I refuse. I am much more interested in going places with a lot of culture and history, or at least more than just great shopping. One of my biggest pet peeves is large groups of people, and how we are the only species that gets dumber when we move in herds. From what I understand of New York, you are more or less surrounded by a million people at all times - the only time that sounds enticing is if those "people" are "zombies" and I happen to have a chainsaw or cricket bat.

You know the drill - lets hear where you want to go! Improve on my list, I am sure there are some great places I missed!


Momo said...

This is tough. I will probably change my mind in about five minutes, but off the top of my head:

1)California: I've never been. Going next month though, and I have a feeling I'll love it. The weather, the water, the liberals... ha.

2)Tuscany: I've always wanted to visit Italy, and then I saw the cheesy chick flick, "Under the Tuscan Sun" and knew this was the place for me.

3) Slovenia: After visiting Italy, I'll just hop to the East and visit my homeland. Yea, Slovenians!

4)Nashville: I know, I know. HOW have I not made it there yet?? What a disgrace.

5)Fiji: Basically, I want to vacation in one of those glass-floored huts overlooking crystal-clear water, where all the celebrities honeymoon. Paradise.

Claire said...

Why is France getting the shaft? I don't speak the language, BUT I wouldn't mind tango-ing along the Seine and then hangin' for a summer in the south of France...

Momo said...

I don't know how to tango. :(

Narm said...

Momo - I go to Nashville every year and I love it. It is amazingly clean and friendly. If you can stand all the country music there is no place like Broadway street at night. If you are looking for an excuse to go - check out any shows at the Ryman Auditorium - it is a converted Church and incredible for live music.

BloggingJason said...

I actually have very little desire to travel; I'm having trouble even finishing this Top 5 list. There are a few places I really would like to see though....

Five. Vancover- From what I’ve gathered, it’s pretty cool. That’s all I’m going on.
Four. Austin-For your exact reasons. The space you save by not packing socks leaves room for a second liver. Or a PBR Filter as I like to call it. If you go to SXSW without me, consider us done.
Three. Oktoberfest in Munich-I’ve heard the poetry readings are really beautiful.
Two. Norway-My parents went and made me jealous. I wanna go to the Blue Lagoons to detox.
One. Tokyo-The closest I think you can get to living in a cartoon.