Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What A Catch

This is one of the harder posts I'll ever write.

I realize I rarely get serious here at the 'Neck, but as I've included much of my personal life in this blog, I feel it is only right to continue that relationship for the bad news.

This post is not for sympathy, or therapy - it is merely informational. I know a lot of my friends read this blog and sometimes a blog post can save 100 phone calls and even more awkward conversations.

And I want you all to know that no matter what happens from here on forward there are no hard feelings from either side. We've all been through rough patches, we've all had to give up things we love and we all know the fall-out that ensues.

But it is time to move on.

Deadliest Catch is over.

I know! I know. I am ok - a littl shaken, a little hurt, but I have to be strong.

I will always cherish my time spent with captains Sig, Phil and the Hillstrands. Captain Keith kinda sucked and that new guy? "Wild Bill"? He kinda sucked, too.

But the rest of them I'll miss.

Technically I guess I should be already missing Phil since he got deaded this year, but I haven't really watched since that episode because I kinda maybe had a tiny tear and I didn't want the Lady Friend to see it because then I can't make fun of her when she cries during Glee.

So I guess really I haven't watched Deadliest Catch that much this year. But I used to watch it! A lot. So now I can be sad, right?

I mean, I guess it doesn't really effect me that much. I won't have Tivo Regret when I look at my recorded shows and see I have 4 episodes unwatched. That will be nice.

But on the other hand, I need a new super manly show to offset my Glee obsession. What can I counter with now when people point out that I've blogged about both Glee AND What Not To Wear? Did you not notice that? Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

And no that is not a tear! I something in my eye.


Alana said...

It's over?!?! I love that show :(

That other fishing show on Discovery is just a wannabe.

Idea #527 said...

I'm not a guy, but maybe the Lady Fiancee would like it too and it's sort of manly. You should watch "Boardwalk Empire" on HBO because well it's awesome. It's about gangsters circa the prohibition era.

And Steve Buscemi is in it!

And to get your man card, you could always watch one of the home repair shows or the Red Green Show.

zwinggi said...

sunday devotion to football should offset any glee-ness in your life.

Moooooog35 said...

I will come back and watch Deadliest Catch again when it goes back to it's roots and shows people having unprotected sex in Africa.

Deadliest Catch, indeed.

Rahul said...

I still want to create a short called "Least Deadliest Catch". I feel like this could work.

Ed said...

That show is now dead to me.

Just like Capt. Phil.

stefanie said...

Loved Deadliest Catch. A watered down replacement was Ice Road Truckers; it was good in the beginning, but I'm over it.

Check out "Swamp People" on History Channel. They fish for gators by hand in flimsy aluminum boats.

If you can manage to understand Troy's marble-mouthed creole you've graduated from testosterone bootcamp.