Thursday, September 23, 2010

You're A (Four)Square

So for those of you non-social media nerds, there is a new app for your phone called FourSquare. It uses GPS and allows you to "check in" to various locations (bars, stores, rehab). If you check in to a location more than anyone else, you become the "Mayor". All of your friends in the app can see where you have visited and stalk accordingly.

Now, a lot of people check in EVERYWHERE. Like gas stations. It is cool to see what bars or concerts my friends are at - but I never need to know when / where you got gas. I'm not going to look at the Lady Friend and be like, "Oh my gosh! Billy is at the Marathon 20 minutes away! We should totally go visit."

But I have the opposite problem - instead of OVER sharing, I UNDER share.

Mostly because I don't want to ruin my cred.

I mean, sure I go to the same McDonald's three times a week - but I don't need people thinking I'm a Fatty McFatinstein Jr. That's why I wear a fake mustache when I go on Wednesdays.

And what if I go to some crappy concert that I don't want my friends to know about. I mean, Lou Bega only comes around so often!

So I only update my FourSquare like once every two weeks.

But that makes me look even more lame. Like I only leave the house twice a month.

And if I'm only leaving the house once every two weeks, why am I checking into all these gas stations?


Moooooog35 said...

I know what you mean. I'm mayor of several brothels and places of ill repute.

It's good to be mayor.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i've been know to check into a gas station... i also check into drugstores and my pimp's house though too.

Idea #527 said...

My friend Tim is that guy unless he wants to go off the rador for a bit. . . the funniest thing is that our friend Kattie always forgets to check back into her house at night, so often it looks like she slept somewhere else.

Anyway, Tim always checks into Kattie's house when he picks her up now and then, so he actually became mayor of her house before she did! haha!

lacochran's evil twin said...

You don't want to know when I'm at the proctologist?

Matt said...

NO, YOURE a foursquare!!

Ed said...

I got that new phone sex app.

I still haven't figured out what part of the phone my dick is supposed to go in.

That phone sex app sucks. Just not how I'd hoped.

Toe said...

I think foursquare is just an announcement to rob someone. Oh look Jenny's all alone at a gas station on the wrong side of the tracks....

Allison M. said...

those are the places I don't check into.

Andhari said...

People can certainly overshare on foursquare. A few friends of mine even still check in when they're in front off certain streets or in front of certain traffic lights. This can drive people crazy!