Monday, June 24, 2013

30 for 30 on the 30th Parts 18 & 19

Last week of my 20s, you guys.  Sweatin' over here.

Time for the home stretch of my list of 30 things I should have and do before I turn 30 on June 30th.

Things I should have: Jumper cables / A driver's license

Again, Mr. List, this is an odd order to do things.  But I'll play along...

I failed my driver's test on my first attempt.  I had been driving farm machinery for years and was a good driver.  But I took a Ford Explorer with tinted windows to do the parallel parking section and got more cockeyed than...well there's no where to take that joke that remains PG-13 so I'm just gonna let it sit there.

Things I should do: Be a rock god / Eat something truly weird

I was in a rock band in high school.  Our name was Shatt.  I played the drums (poorly) and we also had a guitarist, bassist and singer - who all did their jobs poorly as well.  I was the worst musician, but much better than everyone else at having a basement for practice sessions, so I got to be in the band.  We were awful.  But when you are from a town of 6,000 people, the number of rock bands is fairly minimal, meaning just by virtue of being IN a band, I was in one of the three best bands in town.  Rock God!

As for eating something weird - I order chicken livers all the time.  They're delicious.  And it drives my vegetarian wife crazy.  But at least she doesn't have to parallel park.

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