Thursday, June 6, 2013

30 for 30 on the 30th Part 7

We're getting dangerously close to my 30th birthday and having to come up with a term for the male version of a cougar. Gone will be my boyish good looks, replaced with the salt and pepper wisdom that comes with age.  I wouldn't say I'm getting better looking - I'd saying I'm continuing to be incredible looking in a new way.

So here are the things society (or two random articles my wife found) tells me I need to have and do before I turn 30.

Thing I should have: A toolbox that includes: a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, nails, work gloves.

I enjoy that the person who wrote this article very likely does not have a toolbox.  Why is hammer listed 3 items before nails?  Who really uses nails very often, anyways?  "OH NOES THE SINK BROKE, WHERE ARE MY NAILS?"

And I need A screwdriver?  Just one?  You don't have to be Bob Vila to know that you need a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver in your toolbox.


Thing I should do: Take a road trip.  Destination anywhere.  Nothing booked along the way but finding lodging where lady luck dictates.

This is everyone's favorite 'rite of passage' for men.  It's like Jack Kerouac poisoned the water supply and even people who haven't read On The Road believe in it unconditionally.

I've never taken a road trip to nowhere.  Because it's unrealistic.  Instead of taking the summer off to road trip across the country to some mystical drug-fueled orgy, I took summer classes and worked.  Then I got a job.  And now I'm married with a kid.

So according to this list - my office job, house in the suburbs, wife, and kid are preventing me from ever maturing.

I'll take it.


Jez said...

Did a "road trip to nowhere" in college. Focus was going to Arizona. Ended up in San Diego. Then went back to Iowa, via Las Vegas and Colorado. Not too bad.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Did a few trips without scheduled lodging. They turned out great! Frees you up a lot. So, strap the child and the wife in the car and take off for parts unknown!

I would not recommend this for New Orleans in February.

Narm said...

Jez - I do wish I had done this once, just not sure when.

Lacochran - I guess on our honeymoon we didn't set up a schedule - we had the cities we wanted to go to and just found hotels / trains / restaurants as we went. Does that count? PLEASE???

lacochran's evil twin said...

You betcha!

ClevelandPoet said...

So here are the things society (or two random articles my wife found): I love this.

roadies with no destination are great and I'm certainly not going to pretend I don't read Kerouac every summer and then want to run away and ride the rails.

I've always ended up sort of enjoying the planned ones more. I don't know why. Nowadays we really dont have much time/money to do many planned or otherwise. lol

ClevelandPoet said...

I forgot to ask about the toolbox thing does it count if it's your wife's toolbox?