Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Move

So as mentioned earlier, I am now an engaged man. Which is weird. Now, walking into a bar is like walking into a giant department store with only one thing for sale.

But along with the engagement has come cohabitation. Without stealing too much from my good friend Allison over at Confessions of a Cohabitant, things be different.

Cons -

With her being a vegetarian - a lot more of my meals are just a bunch of side dishes that are all green and not bacon.

Pros -

My dinners are no longer cooked by Chef Boyardee or come out of a box.

Cons -

My bathroom has 1,000 beauty products in it.

Pros -


Cons -

She does my laundry so I never know where my clothes are.

Pros -

I don't have to do the "smell test" on dirty boxers.

Cons -

Less beer drinking.

Pros -

More wine drinking.

Cons -

Forced cleaning on weekends.

Pros -

No ants in the doughnut box.

Cons -

She uses the Tivo to record her shows.

Pros -

Endless supply of What Not To Wear.

I think I could get used to this.


Allison M. said...

oh you just wait, What to Wear is the least of your TV show problems.

Ben said...

Living in sin is the new thing.

According to Britney anyway.

And I also think her version involves a third.

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Not to scare you but hell why not!

Three things:

1. toothpaste cap
2. toilet paper over or under
3. toilet seat DOWN after every visit.

Page Seven said...

Would it kill the producers of What Not To Wear to do a couple shows with dudes? I mean, c'mon! At least throw in some!

Also, Stacy is hot. I would like to watch a new show called "Hot Women Do Cool Stuff" in which her and Padma from Top Chef mud wrestle in bikinis.

Matt said...

I agree with the above... stacy is totally Hot.

have you had the toilet seat conversation yet? No?

Andhari said...

Bahaha I think this really goes for the better. At least we can expect pictures of you with more stylish clothes no? Not that you're not already :D

zwinggi said...

with all the roughage you'll be eating, you'll probably have to sit down on the toilet every time you're in there anyways.

Ashley said...

Isn't living in sin the best? I've been on that train for a couple months now and it's the best.

And yeah, I'm guilty of the forced cleaning on the weekends too. Must be a girl thing ;)


laurajane said...

This is all too funny and too timely as Mike and I moved in together last weekend. I can't wait for him to read this.

We spent about 15 minutes last weekend at Home Depot trying to pick out a new shower head. As we walked away with our new shower head in hand, he looked at me and said, "Is this REALLY what it has come down to?" Hahaha.

Moooooog35 said...

"Pros - My dinners are no longer cooked by Chef Boyardee or come out of a box."


Somewhere, out there, Chef Boyardee is crying.

I hope you're happy.

lacochran said...

You see not knowing where your clothes are as a con? Oh, ye, of little imagination. She's a subtle wench, she is.

taawd said...

I have a checklist of things you need to know. It makes the whole living together deal so much easier.

By the way, that Stacy girl needs to figure out how to get that weird stripe of grey out of her hair.

BTW, we're NOT going out for wine, let's stick to the beer at the bar, dude!

Ed said...

She is slowly taking your balls out of your bag and putting them in hers.

Anonymous said...

there is no way she is going in the basement and doing the laundry...nope...not buying that one

Anonymous said...

Beware the Cleaning Schedule Conundrum.

Inevitably, when one of you is feeling anal and wants to clean, the other would rather sit there and collect dust and sweat particles.

BUT OTHER THAN THAT, CONGRATULATIONS JEFF!!!!!!!!!! Again, I'm so happy for you. Cohabitation is nice because you get to SPLIT THE BILLS! Oh, and all that other nice stuff :)

LiLu said...

So far, I've made B watch Bad Girls Club, Tool Academy, My Life as Liz, and four different geographical forms of Real Housewives.

But, yanno, I put out. So we're even, right?

Buck said...

THe secret to a succesful marriage:

Separate TIVOs

Jez said...

You're kidding about the less beer, right? I mean, fuck, what are there, 5 kinds of wine in the world? Surely you can find a beer style she would like more than Berringer White Zinfindel, right?

Come on, Narm, get on the Brew Train. CHOO-CHOOO!!!

Tia said...

that was sweet.

in a weird way.

GoSustaino said...

Soon you'll be wondering whose turn it is to walk the dog? And my hubby turned me into a vegetarian (not vegan) and I must say it's damn good to not eat antibiotics, chemicals and processed packaged junk. You'll grow into the transition!

Bite Buff said...

Ha, I just started reading your blog today and this post really hit home. Been happily living in sin for two years now, and I could totally hear my boyfriend's voice in your Pros and Cons. Thanks for the laugh.