Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So I hadn't looked at my Google Analytics lately (which is odd because no one enjoys a quick tugjob on the ego like me) but boy am I glad I did.

I know this is a fairly common post in the blogosphere, but some of these are too good not to share.

So without further adieu, search results that brought people to The 'Neck -

Licking my own nipples

90's dragon shirts

Angry drunk best friend straight gay video game

Bob Golic has turned into a republican asshole

Fire captain sweat pants

Supercollider? i hardly know her! dont get it

Vegetarians and witches

Aw crap

Whooping, hollering and holding back tears

A shirt that combined nerdiness, puns, and redneck culture

Awkward fucking pterodactyl


So which is your favorite?

Mine, personally, is "Awkward fucking pterodactyl". It just raises so many questions.

Why were they searching for an awkward pterodactyl?

Were they asking for one that was fucking or were they using that to ensure the level of awkward?

How does someone who knows how to spell "pterodactyl" want to search for this?

And did they find what they were looking for?

I can only hope.


ClevelandPoet said...

gotta go with awkward fucking pterodactyl

tho a close 2nd is: Supercollider? i hardly know her!

Moooooog35 said...

I'm a fan of 'fire captain sweat pants' myself.

Today I got:

"vomit down the vent"

"eat scat funny"

(although, honestly, I fail to see any humor in that AT ALL)


"poop on my tushy porn"

My mother is so proud.

Ben said...

I love this person:

"Supercollider? i hardly know her! dont get it"

Anonymous said...

I hope they found what they were looking for too.

If they did, I really want to know what it is.

At least now I know exactly how to spell pterodactyl.

You can find me by searching for motherfucking snakes on a plane.

Anonymous said...

"Angry drunk best friend straight gay video game"

That's my personal favorite. What kind of collection of words is that to Google?

Nick said...

Supercollider? i hardly know her! dont get it

That's awesome.

CannedSalmon said...

"Supercollider? i hardly know her! dont get it" is my favorite too. Eight words, 2 jokes. It's like a comedy MRE. We need to pack it in the Army's joke books.

Anonymous said...

"Vegetarians and witches" - seems like natural combination

miss. chief said...

I've been getting
'miss chief porn'
'miss chief naked'
'nude miss chief'

um...someone really wants to see my junk

Ed said...

"Angry drunk best friend straight gay video game" does one even reach the depths of Hell where this is something they would Google?

I can't even get my analytics to work.