Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Do Not Approve This Message

Sure there are plenty of things to be annoyed about during the election season - exaggerating commercials, lawn signs, smart people who ask me my opinion about foreign diplomacy and I'm all like, "I want my diploma from America!"

But is anything worse than the tagline "I'm __________ and I support this message."

We get it - I just watched 30 seconds of a commercial about how McCain has 48 houses and looks like a monkey trying to crack a coconut when you hand him a computer - I didn't really think the Republican Party was going to foot the bill for it.

But the politicians aren't nearly as bad as the 1,000,000 commercials that use that tagline and think they are hysterical.

Hey, Local Car Dealership Guy - when something makes you want to jump in a swimming pool full of hot sauce and broken glass - you should NOT adopt it to try to sell something.

I'm not an expert (wait - I work at an ad agency - maybe I am an expert) but that just seems how advertising should work.

It reminds me of those commercials that have an alarm clock in them - because apparently the emotion they want associated with their product is blind rage.

While there are important things like taxes, foreign policy and health care - I think we should start keeping track of who has the most annoying commercials and take votes away from them.

-100 votes for every time I hear, "...and I support this message."

Obama is actually in the negative after this gem -


Ben said...

But it sounds so SINCERE and PERSONAL and makes them look like PEOPLE and not cookie-cutter STAMPS OF APPROVAL.

My name is Ben Boudreau and I approved this message although I may or may not have had absolutely nothing to do with it.

lacochran said...


-A said...

But isn't always the annoying commercials that you remember the most.

"How dumb was that Nike commercial?"

Success for Nike!

Kristen said...

Ugh. I know it.

People think they're soooo clever but they're like, not.

surviving myself said...

Kristen's comment just blew my mind.

Alexa said...

isn't it like a law that they have to say and i approve this message now?

Mon said...

They dont even like to admit they approved those messages when asked. It puts them into a "category" and then they can't back out of whatever it is they approved. It's all a rackett.

It's almost all over. It wont be long now, if we all stick together, we will make it!

Phil said...

You know, you'd think political ads should actually say more about the PERSON WHO'S PAYING FOR THE AD than about his/her/their opponent(s). Just saying.

LBluca77 said...

Ugh I hear ya, it gets to be too much.

People that put up lawn signs should be hit over the head with it.

c.watson said...

THankfully I don't live in a swing state so I don't get as many of those commercials. But I don't think they are that bad, I mean if they didn't say they supported the message I might think that some random gorilla marketers had put out that steaming pile of crap for them, and then how would I know what to think?

My name is Colleen and I don't think my message made sense.

rs27 said...

Who's McCain?

Heff said...

I've got to agree with you. I don't know who originally coined that statement, but I'd like to choke them, and approve of it.

Maxie said...

I think all elections should be decided in a dance-off. That would get rid of these stupid commercials.

Sustaino - said...

Interesting message. At least, I know that I own one house, understand the economy and know who to use a computer. Maybe I should run for president? Wait! I'm not a hockey mom!

So@24 said...

I was hoping that video was going to be of the "Flea Market aka 'It's Just Like a Mini Mall" guy.


Christina_the_wench said...

Let's be real. These two bozos can't approve anything.

God, I hate that there is noone decent to vote for in November.

And they can approve this *middle finger*

Nilsa S. said...

Yeah, I never enjoyed watching "i'm so and so and I approve this message." Kind of like I hate it when drug companies have to list all the assinine side effects of their drugs (that really, the doctors should be reviewing). Then again, I'd rather have transparency than feel like I'm being manipulated. So, I guess I'll put up with it.