Monday, December 14, 2009

Name Game

I miss the days when storms were called things like "El Nino".

What a badass name. I bet "El Nino" got ALL KINDS of ladies.

But lately all the storms just have people names - and that is super awkward.

"Bill Kills Young Girl"

Well, Bill sounds like a prick.

"Andrew spreads across the Florida coast"

Um - it's called Spring Break and I don't think CNN needs to report about it. That is what MTV is for.

We don't name other things. If I get a really nasty cold I'm not like, "OH MAN! Roger is kicking my ASS this year."

I don't wake up from a night of drinking and refer to my hangover as "Pedro".

If I eat some bad Chinese food I don't say I've got a case of the "Berts".

Although what goes on in my bathroom does bear a striking resemblance to El Nino.


Moooooog35 said...

I once new a Lisa who spread across the Florida coast.

Ben said...


And of course you can't name the bad ones after women because then you're being all 'sexist' and 'insensitive' when really, Margaret IS raining a world of pain down over the midwest.


Marie said...

What naming something Mr. T? "Mr. T crushed the midwest today with howling winds of over 200mph. Some even thought they heard it say 'I PITY THE FOOL!'"

Marie said...

Also meant to say "what about naming something Mr.T?"

I can't type.

Ed Adams said...

Everytime I eat Taco Bell, I get a bad case of the Narm Squirts.

miss. chief said...

Eh, I don't know if "the child" is that good of a name either.

Tia said...

wasn't there "la nina" too? or did i just make that up?

BradU20 said...

Weather geek alert: El Nino and La Nina are fluctuations in ocean water currents and atmospheric pressure in the Pacific Ocean. They alternate every few years and bring us varying weather and temperatures.