Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nobody Home

I have decided to streamline your blog reading for today - instead of reading half of my post, being disappointed and finding a new blog to read; I am just going to link straight to a way funnier blog.

HA! I'm over there too. You sucker. You can't get away from me - I'm like internet herpes or that Kid Rock song.

"And we were trying different things and we were smoking funny things"

Fuck me.

Now that song is in my head.

Go read this post while I wash my ears out with battery acid.


LiLu said...

Here's a better one to replace it.

God, I'm evil.

Mike said...

I like the font over here better.

Narm said...

Lilu - you are the meanest person ever. You are the online reincarnate of Hitler and Creed.

Andhari said...

LOL I've been waiting for you to appear there. I knew it! Ok I'm heading over there now :)

moooooog35 said...