Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm Bearding

Old Man Winter has been kicking my ass of late, and with my attempts to woo a cute female falling a bit short - I've come down with a bout of the saddies. I relayed my whining to my friend Jess who recommended I use my greatest emotional outlet - facial hair.

I am always in a state of bearding. The two-day scruff, the business beard and the full-on Grizzly Adams (Grizzly Adams DID have a beard - yes that is my second reference to an Adam Sandler movie) - I wear them each with pride. But my favorite is the Grizzly Adams.

Not everyone can grow a beard so who am I to waste this talent? Millions of men lay awake at night, crying, because they are unable to partake in the full on sexiness of facial hair - I grow it for them. Grow it thick - grow it proud, baby.

But ladies - you hate it. I understand it scratches you when we kiss, but goddamn, we just met - buy me a drink before you start complaining about the making out stage. I'm not a player, honey, I just crush a lot. The last time I had a full beard, I heard a lot of, "You'd be really cute without that beard." So it came off like a dress on prom night (but trust me, I looked FABULOUS - it was strappy and showed my back - but not too much - I'm not a hussie.)

But now, with the saddies creeping in and no one to impress, I am starting a new tradition - St. Patty's Day beard. I had one last year - and goddamner I'm gonna have one this year as well. For the next month I'm punting all attempts at physical attractiveness and going for full-bore manitude. If you suddenly smell saw dust, don't worry - its just the Nom.

(I realize I am not far into the bearding process so I made sure to point at my beard in case you couldn't see it)


BloggingJason said...

Goddamn you Jeff Nomina. I will openly weep into my pillow over my lack of a beard tonight, and not sleep a wink, for it is too late for me to attempt a ST.P's Beard.

Allison M. said...

You used the word "fabulous" in a post. I'm so proud.

Narm said...

BloggingJason - I apologize I did not inform you earlier. I didn't put a lot of thought into this - inspiration just struck.

Allison - I've now used fabulous AND antsy in my pantsy. And I wonder why I am single.

Non-blogging Jason said...
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