Friday, February 8, 2008

Top 5 Holidays

My hatred of Christmas is well documented (I'll get you Christmas! (I was shaking my fist and making menacing, squinty eyes right there)). So I have decided it is about time to say which holidays I DO enjoy. Since you are on the edge of your seat I'll dive right it...

1. Thanksgiving. Football, food, naps and drinking. If I was allowed to wear sweatpants it would be a holiday bingo.

2. 4th of July. Or as Will Smith calls it, Independence Day. Yeah Will, you show those aliens. What is up with Will Smith and movies about strange creatures? He is constantly fighting aliens (Independence Day, Men In Black), robots (iRobot), zombie / vampires (I Am Legend), and money (Pursuit of Happiness). Are casting directors like, "Aaaah we have all these strange creatures but we really could use a cheesy rapper to fight them...I GOT IT!" Meanwhile, Snow sits at home PISSED.

Anyways I like the 4th of July because it mixes booze and fireworks with hilarious consequences.

3. Draft Day. Not a holiday? Fuck you. The NFL Draft is sacred among the hearts of men across this country. Do you find it odd that I can tell you how big some d-lineman from Arkansas' biceps are? Well your shirt is ugly, so there.

4. St. Patty's Day. Am I Irish? No. But I am American - and nothing is more American than commercializing customs from other countries. It is also hard not to rally around a holiday that encourages day-drinking and beard-growing; two of my favorite hobbies.

5. Christmas. I guess I will put it on the list. Christmas Day IS hard to beat. Now that I have nephews I have to admit seeing them open presents and get excited is fun. Watching my parents go to extraordinary lengths to get gifts and argue over whether they should eat the entire cookie my nephew left out for Santa or just take a big bite out of it is also quite amusing.

So there you have it. I would say we are two, maybe three years from my birthday becoming a national holiday, at which point it will be seated directly below Thanksgiving - bumping Christmas from the list completely.

Until that day arrives this is my list - I'm interested to see how others feel (hint, hint).


Maureen said...

I'm shocked Halloween didn't make the list. Drinking in costume is so much more fun!

Momo said...

My top 5 would be:

1) Easter (posting on this soon -- this is by far one of my favorites)
2) Christmas (you are such a Scrooge!)
3) Thanksgiving (Yum.)
4) Fourth of July (Euclid's fireworks are the best. They're practically in my grandparents' backyard and we get front-row seats.)
5) Palmerfest. (If you went to OU, that is pretty much a holiday. Can I count it?)

I can tell you Valentine's Day does NOT make the list.

Narm said...

Maureen - I agree and I also enjoy how girls think that Halloween means "Take off all of your clothes". I suffer from costume stress though - making it a rough one.

Momo - Palmerfest counts if Millfest counts. I have attended and enjoyed both, though I am not an OU alum.

BloggingJason said...

Here's my Top 5, with absolutely no explanation.

Five. Memorial Day
Four. Labor Day
Three. Fourth of July
Two. Saint Patrick's Day
One. Halloween

Non-blogging Jason said...

Nom... I'm shocked and surprised that an amazing alcoholic like yourself did not include St. Patty's, Cinco de Mayo and the day before Thanksgiving as favorite holidays.