Friday, February 22, 2008

Top 5 Movies

My Top 5 posts are supposed to be a cop-out when I feel uncreative and want to take the easy way out - the grilled cheese of blogging, if you will - but this post was a pain in my ass. I've written and rewritten my top 5 bands about 800 times so I thought movies would be easier. Wrongo bongo.

Here are my Top 5 Movies* as of this exact second - if you ask in an hour I am sure they will change

1. American Beauty
2. Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind
3. A Clockwork Orange
4. High Fidelity
5. Shawshank Redemption

Wow those are some depressing assed movies. Yes ass can be used as that part of speech. No I can't name that part of speech.

Some others that just missed the list - Wristcutters (A Love Story), Requiem for a Dream, Vanilla Sky, Cool Hand Luke, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Fight Club, Big Lebowski, Animal House, Evil Dead, Lord of the Rings, Life of David Gale, Old School, Blues Brothers, Pool Hall Junkies, Rounders - really this list could go on forever.

Here is a tasty treat from High Fidelity so you don't think I'm a Debbie Downer:

*List subject to change whenever I feel like it and can actually remember all the movies that I love.


Allison M. said...

Requiem for a Dream is a favorite movie? I thought it was well done, but I can't keep watching it due to the crazy hole in Jared Leto's arm. I'm clenching my arm just thinking about it.

Life of David Gale -- amazing.
Can't Buy Me Love -- Patrick Dempsey in the 80's.
How to lose a guy in 10 days -- I know, I'm a typical girl
Blood Diamond -- Conflict free diamonds are a must.
Neverending story - Reminds me of my childhood. That wolf scene still scares the shit out of me.

Momo said...

Agree that this could easily change on a daily basis, but some consistent top-five faves are:

1) Pride and Prejudice
2) Happy Accidents
3) Almost Famous
4) Good Will Hunting
5) O' Brother Where Art Thou

I also considered High Fidelity, any Coen brother flick, Life of David Gale, Cool Hand Luke (love that you like it too!), China Town, and The Philadelphia Story.

Good call on the Neverending Story, Allison.

Momo said...

Crap. I forgot about The Breakfast Club.

Narm said...

Allison - I know Requiem is incredibly depressing but it is still damn good. And the first time I read your comment I though it said, "Teen wolf still scares the shit out of me"

Momo - great call on Breakfast Club - can I throw Ferris Bueller's Day off onto mine?

Momo said...

Deal. I love that movie, too!