Monday, June 16, 2008

Old Man Nomina

I like Father's Day. It is awkward. My Old Man is one of those grizzled "back in my day" types and it is really hard to figure out how "Father's Day" to go on him. Does he want a party and balloons? Just a simple call? This year I went the "nice bottle of whiskey" route. Whiskey is the currency of grizzled bad-ass Dads I believe.

I honestly can't say enough about my Dad - he is an amazing person who not only did a great job with his family but is involved in our Church and more community groups and projects than you can shake a stick at (analogy based on normal sized stick).

I may not have had this same opinion of him when I was 16 and he made me haul loads of soy beans in our John Deere tractor past my high school right when cheer leading practice was going on - but now I kinda see where that is funny.

But before this blog makes me look all touchy-feely like I'll just say this:

Thanks Dad for always being a big enough bad ass that I could win the "Oh yeah??? Well my Dad could kick YOUR Dad's ass!" argument. It really helped me through 3rd grade.

My teacher had zero comeback.

Happy Father's Day.


surviving myself said...

Foolish, foolish teacher.

rs27 said...

Whiskey and Marlboro reds show just how bad assian your dad is..

Lauren said...

My brother bought my dad tequila for fathers day. That should say something.