Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When One Door Isn't Opened, Another One Closes

Mad props (what does that mean?) to Rachel for her post on opening car doors for the ladies.

This is something that has always confused me - because some girls are insulted when I don't go around and open the car door for them, while the Spice Girls taught me Girl Power and Zig-A-Zig Ah!

So it is nice to see actual opinions on the subject. I am not a car door opener. I'll admit it. Does this make me scum of the Earf? No, the fact that I don't rewind my movies before I return them to the rental place does (kidding - this is the 90's, I have a DVD player).

But I understand why a girl would want the car door opened for them. Mostly because a lot of times the car door shocks me. And no one likes to be shocked. It doesn't really hurt but it makes you jump and look the opposite of manly - which defeats the entire purpose of opening the door for the girl in the first place, right?

I might not be mature enough for chivalry. I think it would be more fun to walk around to the passenger side of the car and then open the back door. I just want to know what reaction that would get. But then what if she got in the back? Then she would see all the old sweatshirts and Burger King bags back there. Immaturity is such a cock-block.

But thanks again to Rachel for getting the opinion of the masses. It seems that the general consensus is that opening the door is not NECESSARY but very welcomed. Got it. Now I only have seven million other things to figure out about girls and I'll have it made.


Alexa said...

ok for me i could care less if a guy opens my car door.

what is important to me is if he opens the entry door to a building for me. that is the deal breaker.

Lauren said...

I have to agree with Alexa. The car door isn't so important, however opening the door to a building is nice. It's very debonair.

Also--from a guy's standpoint--should the girl lean over and unlock the door for the guy? Is that considered nice?

surviving myself said...

You just have to have a nice bow tie on and the women won't care what you do.


I read that.

rs27 said...

What if it's a push door to the building? That's so awkward. Does that mean I go first? How do I know?

Why does life make this so hard?

Also about a girl leaning over thing. In a Bronx Tale DeNiro tells the kid that if the girl leans over and unlocks that means she's a giving person and nice. If she doesn't she's a selfish Biatch.

That's what De Niro said and he's always right.

ttown said...

I agree with lauren. My step dad always told me if you open the car door for a girl and she doesnt unlock your door that she's a bitch who's not worth your time. of course, that was before keyless entry.

Allison M. said...

My arms work just fine. I can open all doors for myself. Besides, when other guys open doors for me, I have this funny feeling that's an excuse to check out my ass.

...Always an alterior motive.

Maureen N said...

I agree with Allison. And how about those situations where you have two doors to walk through and the guy opens one and then tries to rush to get to the second before you do - AWKWARD! and unnecessary.

lacochran said...

Just don't try to strap a woman to the hood.

Narm said...

Alexa - I always get the door to a building - but I always forget to get the car door. It just isn't natural for me for some reason.

Lauren - I have had remote unlock for so long I don't even know - but yes I would think so. Otherwise it just looks pretty rude.

Surviving Myself - it worked for Pee Wee...oh wait

rs27 - I think that you go first but hold it open for her to walk past you. It is more or less a clusterfuck. And De Niro is law - listen up ladies.

Ttown - your step Dad sounds like a badass. Or like he has some pent up frustrations about car doors. Either way it was good advice.

Allison M - totally busted. But you still get the door opened for you. Win - win?

Maureen N - Those are a mess. I always do the rush forward thing and look like an idiot. I just assume girls like it when guys are willing to look like idiots for them (how else can you explain lap-dogs).

Lacochran - thats what she said