Sunday, June 8, 2008

Redneck Wiffle Beer Rules

1. Must have a drink in your hand at all times (batting, fielding, heckling).

2. Must bat with one hand.

3. Pitcher's hand (you are out if pitcher has ball before you reach first base)

4. 2nd base is a keg.

5. Must refill beer when reaching 2nd base.

6. Cannot score until beer is empty (you can cross home plate to avoid getting out but your run will not count).

7. Dumping of beer results in out and loss of pride, Loser.

8. Play 9 innings or until not enough members of your team can stand to play the field.

Just returned home from a weekend in Small-Town Ohio for a bachelor party. The morning after the party I had a great moment where I crawled on my hands and knees past my entire family and passed out on a set of steps waiting for the bathroom. On a related note, my 4-year old nephew now knows what the word "hangover" means.


-A said...

Oh Narm, you just brought back so many fond memories of small-town Michigan. Thanks, Buddy. Sounds like it was a good weekend.

Bogart in P Towne said...

You forgot the most important order to score, you have to hit the slip-n-slide between third and home.


Alexa said...


i always get blamed for speaking about drinking things in front of my younger cousins.

i say they need to be informed!

Deslyxia said...

The redneck kickball (same rules) was just as intense. Plus in kickball, you can't strike out three times...

surviving myself said...

You are teaching the youth, and you should be proud of that.

Lauren said...

Wow. That does sound like a game. We played drunk dizzy bat race (meaning you drink, spin on a bat, then run) once. That was a poor decision.

I like small town games.

rs27 said...

We called this slosh ball gorwing up since you would be sloseheriffic.

If there's no slip and slide, there's no game

Deutlich said...

Why the hell have I never heard of this game?!

It's a shame, really.

Narm said...

-A - Aren't small towns great?

Bogart In P Towne - how did I not think of this? I apologize for my negligence.

Alexa - someone has to teach them - my job as uncle is to buy beer and teach cuss words.

Deslyxia - welcome to the blog world - and the volleyball wasn't much better - just ask my roommate's face.

Surviving Myself - I'm a hero, really.

Lauren - I am pretty sure the name of that game is Puking.

rs27 - Again - shame on me for no slip-n-slide. I promise to be more considerate next time.

Deutlich - please spread the word and maybe we can make this the new sensation that is sweeping the nation.

libby marie said...

I love this game.
Can I play next time?
if we are both in ST, we should create a wiffle ball tourney.
Auglaize county will DOMINATE!

Emma said...

I try to teach young children the world "imbibing." That's always fun.

Rachel said...

Small-town Ohio should really market that. It would be a good way to get people to visit small-town Ohio.

Julie_Gong said...

I need to play this game asap.

I first need to find friends asap.

Allison M. said...

I'm surprised a stripper wasn't second base. Now that would be more redneck!