Thursday, June 19, 2008

Your Vote Counts*

* Your vote does not actually count

Kidding of course - I've narrowed down the choices of what seemed to be a very hot subject of Worst Song Ever. This should probably be titled "Worst song from the late 90's and early 00's" because that seems to be the wheelhouse that most of these came from - but I'm sticking with the EVER line. It is more dramatic.

So lets hear it - which of these diddies hurts your earballs the most? If you are feelin' froggy leave a comment on why the song you picked deserves the title of Worst Song Ever. Maybe we could all pitch in and buy the artist of the winning song a ham sandwich because I'm pretty sure all of these people are homeless now. When your name is Shifty Shellshock or Lou Bega there just can't be many opportunities on the job market for you.

* SUPER SEXY UPDATE! <--- Wow that looks exciting. Just wanted to say I realize I spelled Sisqo wrong but can't imagine anyone caring so I decided not to fix it. Also slightly angry that NO Ja Rule songs got nominated for the list. What were we thinking, Readers?


Anonymous said...

first off, I love that you use the term "earballs" too. I don't think I've ever met anyone else that does.

Secondly, I can't vote for Mambo #5 cuz it was HUGE in Germany way before the Americans made a mockery of it.

Mmmbop? Corny, yes. But it still makes me smile.

Butterfly? Ignorable, so I can handle it.

The Thong Song? Twas great when it was a hit.. so i didn't vote for that either..

but Summer Girls? LFO? WHAT?! That song grated my nerves from the SECOND I heard it and it still makes me dry heave.


what's worse is that they wrote that crap themselves!

Anonymous said...

I like all those songs! God people must hate me.....

haha NOMinated. You should have a whole section on your blog dedicated to that!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Every single one of those songs makes me cringe.

surviving myself said...

I voted for Thong Song. If for no other reason than at one point dudes hair was dyed silver.

Lauren said...

When I went to Italy I learned that, apparently, American music is AWESOME. I went into a small shop off the canal in Venice and heard, of all things, "The Thong Song." Uncensored. Just blaring with no one caring. I had to laugh. A lot.

Anyway, It was a hard choice between that and Mambo #5. I couldn't vote for the LFO song because as awful as it is, I think it's catchy. Please don't hate me.

rs27 said...

LFO was just telling a biography with their song. "I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch" Oh, yes thats nice. "Chinese Food makes me sick" Oh, yes probably a lot of MSG. Understandable.

There's no way a story about what you like/dislike can be worst song.

I voted for Mambo #5 because he said he went to the liquor store but never said what he got. Stupid.

WHAT DID YOU GET MAN?!?! Can't leave us hanging like that.

moooooog35 said...

I added "Al Gore" as a write-in candidate.

Rachel said...

Hmmm, wow, these are excellent choices.

I can't pick Mambo #5, because as a white girl who can't dance, this song helped aid me through junior high.

I'm not going to pick Crazy Town, because one of my first boyfriends compared me to that song and it would just be doubling my mortification.

The Thong Song was released at the inception of my womanly sexual self-discovery, so I can't throw that one away.

All in all, I do like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch, and also when they stop by. For the summer.

So I guess it's Mmmbop by default.

Julie_Gong said...

seeing as i love all those songs i can't partake in this vote.

i once danced drunkenly around my aunts house with numerous members of my family before mambo #5 hit the states. (my family had been in germany where it was big like deutlich said)

why isn't the macarena listed. that song makes me want to kill people

Emma said...

My pick made the top 5 for the poll? I am honored!!

April said...

I tried to comment earlier but Blogger was being a douche and wouldn't let me and now I can't remember the outstanding clever and witty thing I was going to say. But it kicked ass.

And I voted for the thong thuh thong thong thong. And now I have had that piece of crap song swimming in my head all day. Awesome.

saratogajean said...

What?!? A virtual 5-way tie? Clearly, Butterfly is the worst song of the list.

Narm said...

Deutlich - earballs never stops making me giggle - which is embarrassing because a guy giggling isn't the most manly sight. And I voted LFO as well - wait I wasn't supposed to tell people who I voted for? Shit.

Impractical Shoes - God doesn't, but I do. Kidding - its too early for witty comments so I decided to just be a jerk.

Maiden Metallurgist - And there are so many more that didn't even make the list (I'm looking at you, Ja Rule)

Surviving Myself - you mean you didn't go through that phase?

Lauren - Italians love thongs.

rs27 - as someone who appreciates his alcohol I am disappointed in myself for overlooking this fact. God knows Snoop would have told us what he bought.

Moooooog35 - Great now this poll will never end because he'll keep asking for a recount.

Rachel - he compared you to the Crazy Town song? He looked to Shifty Shellshock to score him ladies? Someone needs to help this man...immediately.

Julie_Gong - seeing as how the Macarena makes you want to kill people - I didn't think it was safe to include it on the list for the sake of the other Pittsburgh bloggers. No one wants to see Blog on Blog violence.

Emma - I'm honored that you'd be honored for this honor.

April - Blogger is a jerk. And I'm glad that I could make you get in awkward situations all day by singing that song out loud.

Alexa said...

LFO for the win!

addy said...

I voted for the Mambo song. The one that is the worst ever for me and is strangely not on your list is "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. I have hurridly left a store because that song was playing.

(New reader by the way! Loving your blog!)

Douchegirl said...

What a dilemma. I like most of this songs, except for the LFO one which I've never even heard about.

Can't vote against "I like Angela, Sandra and Rita and as I continue you know it'll get sweeta". Also, I LOVE Hanson so can't vote against them. Butterfly was damn catchy so no. The Thong Song? Oh the memories! Does anyone remember the video? Where he was break dancing ON people? As a very gulible 11 year old, I thought this was possible.

Summer Girls it is.

Jamie said...

Dude. Mmmbop on this list makes 11 year old me sad.