Friday, April 11, 2008

Top 5 Things You Like To Say You Are Going To Do But Will Probably Never Happen

I love big plans and proclaiming that nothing is going to stop me from achieving them almost as much as I love avoiding movement. That being said, here are my Top 5 Things I Like To Say I Am Going To Do But That Will Probably Never Happen. As BloggingJason says, "Tomorrow is by far the most productive day in my week."

1. Get a tattoo
2. Start saving money (thanks alcoholism!)
3. Grow up
4. Take a road trip and visit my friend _____ in ______
5. Destroy Nickelback

I'd like to hear what some of you keep safely on your "tomorrow" list - just close enough to the shore that you can keep an eye on it; but far enough away that you aren't pot committed to actually taking part in it.


Allie-gator said...

Lose 10lbs...haha!

Anonymous said...

1. Write a book
2. Get a Pilots License

Maureen said...

1. Lose 15 lbs.
2. Send friend in Vegas a thank you card for showing us an amazing time (got home from Vegas Feb. 3)
3. Visit friend in Erie, Pa.
4. Decorate my office
5. Save money for a trip to Europe.

Allison M. said...

Get a tattoo (always sounds good)
Stop twirling my hair (I need an intervention)

Alexa said...


i'll make my list tomorrow.

Emma said...

Can I help you destroy Nickelback?

1. Read a book

Joanna M said...

They say writing it down helps you to focus on the goal so here's hoping!

1. Lose weight
2. Stop using credit cards
3. Stop biting my fingernails
4. Start working out regularly
5. Visit the relatives in Italy

Anonymous said...

1. Win the lottery
2. Get up earlier so I can stop being late to work
3. Work out every day

BloggingJason said...

Two things:
One. Get your goddamn tattoo. You know what you want. Take it down W.25th to Voodoo Monkey and have Natalie ink you up. Done.

Two. For the love of everything holy, destroy Nickelback already. They will chant your name from the heavens and make it a national holiday and I'll get another day off.

BloggingJason said...

Oh, and my list:

Five. Own a new automobile.
Four. Get a degree.
Three. Get my half sleeve inked.
Two. Write a screenplay.

One. Open my own beer store.

Narm said...

Allie-Gator - I thought that went without saying

Anonymous - you put my list to shame - obviously I should I add - Get Motivated

Maureen - I'll help decorate your office - how do you feel about a Jeff Nomina collage?

Allison M - matching I <3 Blogging tattoos? The hair twirling is a lost cause...

Alexa - nice

Emma - you aim, I'll fire. How's next weekend look?

Joanna - can you pack me on your trip to Italy? I'm pretty flexible and could fit in most carry-ons

Amy - lottery, eh? I could use a Sugar Momma if there is any interest. Just sayin...

BloggingJason - Can I name my holiday Cinco De Nomo? And I'm working on the tattoo thing. Open your beer store and call it "EnablingJason"

Rachel said...

1. Go on a diet
2. Graduate college
3. Pay debt

I did get a tattoo, though.

Jason said...

1) destroy Nickelback
2) eat better (mmm Tang's)
3) move AWAY from Cleveland
4) go to blogging Jason's beer store
5) ehh... I'll get to writing down number 5 later.

surviving myself said...

I am interested in your plans to destroy Nickelback.

I would like to be a member of this posse.

You have to get a posse together, it'll be great!

Iris Took said...

I will help you get a destroy Nickelback blog going....

Deutlich said...

One day, when I'm all grown and mature, I'll learn how to save money.

One day...