Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trying to Make a 'Splash'

If I had to choose any Tom Hank's movie to describe my arms, I would choose 'Big'.

Joe vs the Volcano finished 2nd.


BloggingJason said...

Really? I would've guessed Punchline.

Jason said...

I was thinking "A League of Their Own"... you've got Gina Davis guns... and eyes- roowwwrrr.

Alexa said...


you are so weird!

what about splash?

BloggingJason said...

Even Toy Story or Turner & Hooch (you know, for your drinking arm...) would be better choices.

But Big?

You really disappointed me with this post.

Narm said...

BloggingJason - it's gonna be punchline after that Toy Story joke.

Jason - meeeeeeow! Gina Davis is a big girl - I don't know if my arms are ready for that kind of comparison.

Alexa - I could use "Splash" cuz thats what they make whenever I walk into a room of ladies HEY-O!

BTW - can I get credit for not going for the obvious "Saving Private Ryan" joke?