Monday, April 14, 2008

Touche, Office

I don't know if I have mentioned previously, but I work at an advertising agency with approximately 90 employees (for those of you keeping score - that means 89 lucky people get to see my mug every morning). Being a relatively young office, we enjoy the occasional prank and humiliation of our officemates. Obviously, as evident by the pictures I have posted on this blog, I leave myself pretty wide open to these shenanigans.

In this past week's staff meeting, a presentation was given on emerging technologies and ways people communicate online. One piece of software shown was a face recognition software that would find "celebrity look-alikes". Sitting in the meeting as they discussed this I began to notice a few glances in my direction - maybe a few suppressed smiles and a giggle or two. I was a bit confused, do I have a boogie? Did I get ink on my face? Then, in front of all 90 employees - the following "celebrity look-alike" was displayed:

All I can say is that it isn't my fault I have the wonderful, glowing skin of a pubescent Asian girl. You should be so lucky, Reader.


Jason said...

Gotta love it when Karma bites you in your "My Name is Earl" looking ass ;) haha.

BloodRedRoses said...

Wow. The resemblence is uncanny...

Your office sounds awesome lol!

Allison M. said...

Yes, good one. I got the easy way out with Julia Roberts.

Maybe I'll change my name plate to be Julia Roberts. I wonder if anyone would notice.

Alexa said...

for real?


talk about a punch in the balls, but because it happened to you - hysterical

Narm said...

Jason - don't bash the molestache. The ladies love it. Right?

Bloodredroses - Our office is fun - and I think Vivian may be my long lost sister. Or bizarro Asian Nom.

Allison - I was going to change my name plate to the mustache picture but the Vivian picture is even better...I think.

Alexa - in the staff meeting it was hysterical - when they changed my name plate to her picture it kinda makes me look like a pedophile. But a damn good looking pedophile.

Anonymous said...

Do you like to go to meetings? I really don't like them. Oh the people are nice and it kills the time, but there have only been a few I've gone to in which something was accomplished.

Frequent, shorter and less formal "chats" of two or three works best for me. Formal presentations I can read in reports or read the presentation slides later.

Iris Took said...

Oh, those jerks at I did this too and one of my matches was James Gandolfini and I am female. C'mon, Tony Soprano?!

PS I am a friend of Danielle's in Toledo. Love your blog.

Emma said...

You could be twins! Haha.