Thursday, December 25, 2008

Would Ya Wednesday on Thursday....Christmas Edition (Sinners)

Bad news.

If you read this post Santa isn't going to bring you any gifts. This blog is a one way ticket to the "naughty" list.

Anyways lets make this short and sweet - my family is going to show up in a few hours and I'm not sufficiently drunk enough to answer the, "When are you going to have some little ones running around at Christmas?"

Well, Aunt Matilda - based on simple math I'm sure I DO have a few little ones running around - but until I am notified by the courts there is no way they are coming to Christmas. Too illegite to quit, baby!

Back to the important stuff. Like sex and Christmas. We all know the rules to Would Ya Wednesday - I throw up two pictures and you tell me if you would (choose one of the following) A) Slide down their chimney. B) Unwrap their gift under the mistletoe. C) Have intercourse with them.
But use protection - you don't want any little ones running around next Christmas.
Yukon Cornelius - ladies you've been asking for a manly man. This dude licks axes (read that outloud perverts).

Clarice of giving Rudolph a red nose fame -

What? You guy's aren't into animals? You city folk just don't understand the finer things in life.


Maxie said...

Okay DEFINITELY no to Yukon. He's scary and I hate his mustache.

But yes to the little reindeer piece of ass. She's a hottie fo sho.

Somehow writing that made me feel very dirty.

Deutlich said...

You are a strange, strange man

Chocobo said...

Manly, yes.

But lobotomies aren't sexy, so I'm afraid I would have to give Yukon a big no.

I have nothing to say about the reindeer.

Giggle Pixie said...

Okay, this is just wrong, on sooooo many levels.

But then that's why I love you. :-)

fiona said...

Love U 2!
Merry Christmas darlin!
Calling Animal Control right NOW!

Angela said...

Haha this one DEFINITELY made me laugh. I wasn't expecting these choices!

LiLu said...

Hmmm... yes to both, but only if I could have them at the same time.


LBluca77 said...

I was naughty this year, all I got for Christmas was sex.

Total lie. Well maybe. I will never tell.

Merry Christmas!

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...


Himbo said...

Christmas will never be the same...

Marie said...

Um, no

Fizzgig said...

this is late, but clarice. Yukon has some good tongue action but it's wasted on that pick axe

Kellie said...

There was a guy in WI (I think) who got caught on the side of a highway having sex w/ a dead deer carcass. I think Yukon would be a man like that. That being said, I'd be a NO for both of them. Ew.

Bon Don said...
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Bon Don said...
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