Monday, August 3, 2009

Zombie Week

Everyone is talking about shark week. Some people love it, some people hate and everyone agrees that "Air Jaws" was the weak title for a show about sharks that jump out of the water. C'mon Discovery let's get creative! How about "Ninja Sharks" or "Shark Flu" or "Jon and Kate plus Bait". Endless possibilities for the single coolest thing in nature.

But as much as I enjoy Shark Week - when is a station going to finally man-up and do Zombie Week?

Think about the possibilities! CBS alone has a whole lineup of zombie-sounding shows.

How I Ate Your Mother

2 1/2 Men

Cold Case

Ghost Whisperer


There Goes The Neighborhood

The Undead and the Restless

I know you are all skeptical that a zombie show could work in primetime on a major network - but look at how well Golden Girls did!


Matt said...

I have alot of questions about zombies that need to be answered.

Do they only eat brains?

why do they walk funny?

how long do they have to be "dead" before they can be zombified?

Anonymous said...

"How I Ate Your Mother"

Dude, have you been spying on me again???

Lily said...

I would watch "Jon and Kate Plus Bait" in a heartbeat (as long as the kids are the bait. Or, maybe Jon and Kate? okay, as long as humans are used as bait, I'd watch it.)

Andhari said...

How I Ate Your Mother?LMAO

moooooog35 said...

..and every night, show a different Keanu Reeves movie.

Marie said...

It's true, the Golden Girls did very well.

They should actually be featured in the Zombie show.

Mike said...

When are you going to answer Matts' questions? I want to know too.

Anonymous said...

I bet zombies smell really terrible, but if they are on TV it's okay because then I don't have to be exposed to it. So, I approve of your idea.

Maxie said...

fuck shark week. jenn (you'll grow to love me) and I are having a MUCH better week starting on monday. It's gonna be awesome.

Unfortunately no funny sitcom titles are involved.

Narm said...

@ Matt

From what I understand the brain is the filet mignon of the human body. Zombies eat any and all living flesh but the brain is the part they eat first - the rest they just move around on their plate so their parents will let them have dessert.

They walk funny because of two reasons - first, rigor mortis is beginning to set in (as they are the undead). Second, the virus / voodoo spell that takes over their brain doesn't have the full spectrum or capacities for coordination that the human brain does.

The length of time they can be deceased varies on how they were infected / enchanted. The disease normally takes effect in under 4 hours - the voodoo spell can raise the undead from their graves so there is no real time table.

Just wanted to say thanks to the Lady Friend for buying me the Zombie Handbook last week which I referenced in all these questions.

TheGuy said...

How the hell did I miss this? It's too late now to make a Jesus joke...