Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lazy Post

I'm supposed to blog today because I haven't blogged since Tuesday but it is extremely difficult to be THIS uninteresting all the time. It takes work, Reader. So I promise a failed attempt at humor tomorrow - until then, enjoy the best video I have seen in quite some time.


Lauren said...

You know what I love more than making fun of our president? Zombies. The two together made my morning quite wonderful. I would love to hear Bush say something like "yeah, you need to remove the head or destroy the brain."

Anonymous said...

I hate youtube. Every time I click on a video to play it it says it's no longer available.


rs27 said...

George Bush doesn't care about Zombies. Thats what Kanye said.

Allie-gator said...

poo...I can't view youtube at work!

Alexa said...

that was 3 minutes ill never get back, in the best way possible.

Karen said...

Sadly, this is not very far-fetched.
At the local video store in ME in 2005 there was a Bushisms calender on the checkout desk. I'd read ahead while my/our movies were gathered and scanned, enjoying the chuckle yet disheartened that it was possible.

Narm said...

Lauren - FINALLY someone else who appreciates zombies. Why don't more people love the undead?

Deutlich - I'll call Youtube's mother and have a word with her about this.

rs27 - amazing.

Allie-Gator - then what do you do all day? I bill like 6 hours a day to Youtubing. (kidding coworkers who read this)

Alexa - glad I could waste some precious moments.

Karen - those calendars are funny but the humor fades when you realize he is in charge or our entire country.