Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fortune 5/14

My last two fortunes:

"Focus in on the color yellow tomorrow for good luck!"

First - never had a fortune with an exclamation before - this wafer means business. Second - definitely eating at McDonald's Golden Arches in honor of this fortune - but I'm willing to guess my innards are going to consider this a misfortune.

"Focus on your long-term goal. Good things will happen."

Showcase Showdown here I come!

Fun facts about this picture:

I am entirely too lazy to find a computer with Photoshop so I made this picture in paint.

I had to cut my body and head separately - which is why the proportions are off.

I was dancing the robot in the original picture I stole this from.

My right arm was missing so I had to redraw it in paint. My muscles are still in real proportions.

Drew Carey is my Dad. Ok not really, but he is from Cleveland, and I live in Cleveland now so that means we are at minimum friends, right? I mean it isn't Myspace official - but it still counts, right?


Lauren said...

I was told that if you focus on a color while drinking you don't get sick. My friend was drunk when he told me this, but, hey, he didn't get sick. That means it works...right?

Oh, also, I do all my photoshop work in Paint. For some reason, i'm quite partial to that program. Regardless, nice image! If you do go on the showcase showdown remember...$1 is always a good bet.

Allie-gator said...

Exclamation points are the bomb! Haven't you been reading my blog! They are the new SNAP

Love the pic! I'm sorry but I did LOL looking at the details.

Myspace official- Classic!!

rs27 said...

If I focus on anything while drinking it become fuzzy.

Alcohol, you my friend, are not in fact, my friend.

Mel said...

Impressive. I'm a whiz at Photoshop, but when it comes to Paint (at my office *cough*), I can't even freakin figure out how to resize a photo. WTF?

Alexa said...

very impressed with the picture!!

i think that if i knew how to do anything with photoshop or paint i would be the death of me.

i would put all of my friends faces on animal bodies and then i would get fired for being a shitty worker.

Emma said...

Haha. Paint.

If I ever went on Showcase Showdown I would want to be up against a grandma and win both of them because I was within $100 of the price of mine. Then I would be like "TAKE THAT, GRANNY!"

Rachel said...

"this wafer means business."


Narm said...

Lauren - I always focus on one color - blacking out.

And have you seen the video of the lady that bets $1 UNDER the person before her bet? Then she thinks she wins and jumps around and Drew Carey has to lower the boom.

Allie-Gator - you are the exclamation queen - and you rule your kingdom with a generous shift key. And no friendship is real until it is Myspace official. MTV told me that.

rs27 - great line - but, seriously - where would we be without alcohol? Other than successful and with money in our bank accounts.

Mel - I prefer to live my life in the 90's and therefor won't give up paint. Avoid the Noid!

Alexa - I work with Photoshop professionals (ad agency) and they are constantly putting people's heads on hilarious bodies. I'll have to post some of their handiwork.

Emma - would you kiss Drew Carey - or is that an honor only for Bobby Barker?

Rachel - I get worried when my fortune cookies stress their message with punctuation. Makes the fortune more like an order.

BloggingJason said...

I think with snazzy Paint skillz like that, Creative just found their summer intern.

Emma said...

I would probably kiss Drew Carey. I mean, he is from Cleveland.

Allison M. said...

If I would paste my picture somewhere, it would be with the ladies of the View. Laugh if you want. But I could strike up some X-rated conversation that would Babs head a-spinnin'!

surviving myself said...

myspace makes everything official.

Bulletins are for the Extra Special Announcements.

Bogart in P Towne said...

Micky-D's is throwing you a free chicken sandwich today with a purchase of a medium drink...that is good fortune!

brookem said...

i like the work you've done there with photoshop/paint. i cant even barely figure out how to sign in to my blog. so you've got a lot on me.