Monday, January 25, 2010

The Favre Side

Well, it is almost time for the Super Bowl.  Bring out the chip dip and the plasma TV's and funny commercials no one hears because everyone is talking.  It is time for the guys to get so drunk they are arguing about how the size of Peyton Manning's forehead actually helps him as a QB; and also for the girls to retreat to the kitchen to drink and complain about their boyfriends in the other room.
But it is not time for Brett Favre.  His tyrannical reign is over.  At least for this year. 
We are now in line for another year of "will he or won't he".  Sportscasters around the world will speak in hyperbole about how the all-time leader in interceptions somehow wills his team to victory.  People everywhere will somehow gloss over his implosions every year (the last 3 seasons have ended on an interception) and depict him as an every man. 
There has to be a way to combat Brett Favre.
We need to find someone who has even more power - someone who can unseat ANYONE - no matter their position of power or prestige.
That's right - for the 2010 season I think the new Vikings quarterback should be:
Jay Leno


Page Seven said...

Somewhere, Peter King is crying.

Hex said...

"Ok, Mr. Madden -- we've all had hard days where we felt like no one was there to know how we feel, but please, please come in off that ledge!"

Matt said...

HAHA, Page Sevens comment was money.

Im loving all the farve lashing thats going on today.

Ed Adams said...

Leno's chin vs. Manning's forehead in the next Super Bowl.

Call it the Super Features.

That makes no sense.

Forget I posted this.

Jez said...

I don't know about you, but for me, this has been one of the GREATEST NFL Playoff series ever:

1) Patriots get DEMOLISHED at home.
2) Cowboys lose and Cowboy fans I know on facebook actually are so upset they CRY about the loss. Huh? Let's face it, the NFC East this year was a pile of fecal matter, and just because they Cowboys won it doesn't mean anything. Didn't the Cowboys struggle against KANSAS CITY? I rest my case. You shouldn't have expected so much from that team.
3) Brittfar gets the crap beaten out of him and does what Brittfar does, throws an INT to basically, for all intents and purposes, lose the game. This is why Green Bay management went the way they did after 2007. Childress shows he knows DICK about football by picking him up. We all knew it was going to happen, and I'm glad, because:
4) The Saints finally get to go to the Superbowl. I got to watch enough Saints games when I lived in Pensacola, and they were always sorta "meh", but still, they were the hometown fave for a while.
5) At Kissing Suzy Kolber, they mentioned that the Lions are now the only NFC team never to reach a Superbowl. The good news is they have still won as many Superbowls as the Vikings.