Thursday, March 5, 2009

WyW on Thursday - The Mentalist

Wow do you ladies make a ruckus about my choice of mensies for WyW.

I haven't heard a group of women revolt this hard since I decided to be celibate for that one Sunday. ZING!

So I'm going to crank things up a notch this week - throw up someone that was a threat to national security because when he first appeared on screen a sonic boom occurred from the collective dropping of middle-aged women's panties across the country.

Yes, I am talking about the blonde Hugh Jackman, mister Mentalist himself - Simon Baker.

At first I thought that he should be disqualified, what with his vagina and all, but the ladies love him - so whatever.

Guys, I was going to die a mop blonde and put a picture of it on here but decided I would make yours a little more difficult. This girl's head is so large people sometimes mistake it for my arms. Or my heart. I'm like a gentle giant with fabulous hair.

So it is time for Would Ya Wednesday on Thursday - the Mentalist edition. If you haven't been here before there is a $5 cover charge and I need a permission slip signed by your mother.

Rules are simple - I think up two celebrities and you tell me if you would make a crime scene out of their privates - or if I'm mental.

Simon Baker

Robin Tunney

(Side note - BloggingJason has an update on my "Beaker Face" from the Jason Isbell show on Monday - go check it out)


Deutlich said...

I'd do Simon in a HEARTbeat. He's Australian!

But the chick just looks weird to me.

fiona said...

Neither of them getting anywhere near my " Tickly Bit "

Marie said...


I want me some Simon Baker.

blue-eyed brunette said...

No to Simon, I don't do chicks disguised as dudes.

The woman? eh, she's ok - but I'm picky with women so prolly not.

BloggingJason said...

If she made Beaker Face, it'd be like watching an episode of The Muppets on a projection screen.

And she's been in a lot of shitty movies.

And a tv show called "Cutters".

I'd have to be "1st Isbell show" drunk.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i just read about your beaker face (b come before w in my reader, duh)- you looked marvahlous.

"simon says go have sex with alexa"

you know the rules, you always have to listen to what simon says.

insomniaclolita said...

Neither. HAHA

Matt said...

I'd do her.

and the mop.

at the same time.

Gilahi said...

Your "choice of mensies"? You did that on purpose, right?

Jason said...

Can we drill a hole in the mop?

TishTash said...

The first thing I saw Sy in was in his bit role as a young actor trying to make it in Hollywood and ending up slain in a motel after fellating, I assume, that guy from Alias in L.A. Confidential.

Kinda ruined him for me for life.

stealthnerd said...

Simon Baker is barely even a question--heck yes I'd be down with that!

justjp said...

I would let that chick get mental on me!

Kristen said...

Nope. Mostly because my middle aged boss is all in a tizzy over him.

I'm all set.

LBluca77 said...

Oh hell ya I would sleep with Simon. I think I have said I would sleep with every guy you have put up for would you wednesday. I am a internet whore.

Mostar said...

Simon, for sure.

Robin has creeped me out ever since I saw her in this Lifetime movie where she kills her husband and then wraps him up in a rug before going back to banging the gardener. So pretty much the plot of any Lifetime movie that's ever aired.

Bon Don said...

Simon: YES Please!

the chick... not so much

surviving myself said...

I'd do her.

I think that should just be my standard response for all of these - I'm the man version of LBluca I guess.

HBee said...

Simon? Yes.

Kellie said...

I would let Simon use me and abuse me.

Robin, not so much, but she's not awful.

Angela said...

Yep! I'd gladly jump on top of him

moooooog35 said...

I've made up a poem:

Tunney, Tunney
You make my penis feel funny.

Tunney, Tunney
I'd bang you and charge you no money.

Tunney, Tunney



Giggle Pixie said...

None of my goodie bits for either of them.

Phil said...

I might need a beer or two, but Simon is most definitely doable.

Allison M. said...

Duh. Loved him in the Devil Wears Prada. Betcha didn't know that one.

So@24 said...

Look at those kissable lips on Robin.

Yes please!

Soda and Candy said...

I would totally do Simon, given the right circumstances. He's so much better looking nowadays with that hair!!!

Oh yeah and "Hi, I found your blog via TishTash's blog!"

ed said...


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