Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and the Fall of Society

I realize that for every slutty Halloween costume there is someone complaining about slutty Halloween costumes, so I'm not hear to bore you.

Well, not intentionally.

But if girls are going to get all slut-tastic on Halloween AT LEAST be creative with it.

When shopping for Halloween costumes this weekend, I came across the "School Girl Witch".

Does this mean the Halloween industry has completely run out of ways to get girls in short skirts and stockings? We are to the point where we have to COMBINE slutty costumes?

What's next - French Maid Angel?

Devil Nurse?

Bumble Bee Barbie?

Stripper Playmate?

Wait - ok that last one would be just fine.

All I am saying is GET CREATIVE. It is Halloween - do something bold - let's see if you can make Shrek sexy. Let's see a mummy costume that makes me want to trick your treat.

In fact, here is a challenge - if you want to be Queen of Halloween - the girl that can make any costume sexy - lets see you sexify a ghost costume. Let's see you put a sheet over your head and still make me want to go all Casper on your ass.

Then, and only then, will I be impressed.

But really - I've just been dying to use the "want to roll around under the sheets" pick-up line for years now.


Moooooog35 said...

I would have love to have seen 'Devil Nurse' or 'Bumble Bee Barbie.'

Instead I saw 'Obese Pregnant Smoking Clown' and I wasn't even at Walmart.

Did you know that you can throw up on a completely empty stomach?

Marie said...

I saw a sexy devil, sexy bumble bee, sexy soccer players, sexy barmaid, sexy whatever-hell this weekend.

Originality has gone out the window. I want to see something scary and gross.

Matt said...

I will never think of Casper the wame way after reading this.

Thanks for ruining something pure from my childhood.

miss. chief said...

I know a girl who went as "sexy chewbacca"

Ben said...

Sexy hillbilly would be a total win for me.

Chris said...

The Slutty Slut is the end all of all costumes.

Angela said...

I had a sexy skeleton costume. Does that count?

Moooooog35 said...

Angela: "Sexy Skeleton?"

Which one is that, Mary Kate or Ashley?

Ed Adams said...

We had some High School Cheerleaders running around dressed as High School Cheerleaders.

That's cheating. You can't wear you normal stuff.

I said, "Hey, You're supposed to dress up for Halloween, Damnit!

They said, "We are. We're actually wearing underwear this time."

Meg Kathleen said...

Bumble Bee Barbie, now why didn't I think of that one. At least there's always next year.

Violet said...

"Let's see a mummy costume that makes me want to trick your go all Casper on your ass" OMG, that is fucking genius! Yes, those type of costumes would be awesome. I don't dress up for Halloween because I don't need to compete with the slutty slutes who take advantage of this holiday to wear their true colors!

justjp said...

Agreed! I see the great slut challenge of 2010 coming soon.

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