Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Top 5 Annoying Things Adults Say

I'm not real sure how this age thing works - I may be a bit hypocritical here - but why do old people love to throw out these one liners that have absolutely no acceptable response? They have catch phrases that are like stun guns. Really annoying stun guns.

What am I talking about?

I'm talking about the Top 5 Annoying Things Adults Say That Warrant Absolutely No Response. I've also added things I scream at the top of my lungs (the lungs in my head) when I hear these.

1. Hot enough for ya?

Yes - because it feels like I am in hell, now.

2. (while cleaning / mowing) Are you going to come do mine next?

Do you mean your daughter?

3. I remember when you were still in diapers!

Really? Because you seemed old to me then, too.

4. Back in MY day...

We'll see where that nickel gets you now, Grandpa.

5. I remember when gas was $2.50 a gallon!

Ahhh the good ol' days.


Allison M. said...

hahahahaha Number 2 is the worst.

Beth said...

I remember when gas was 1.52 a gallon. That's when I got my license.

Now its 4.37.

That just seems..., wrong.

BloggingJason said...

Number 6- I'm not going to meet you out for Happy Hour on Friday because I have a chiropractor appointment.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

My industry is filled with old timers, so I spend a lot of time grinning and bearing these types of remarks. Sometimes it's about all I can do to keep from rolling my eyes.

Mel said...

When I received my license, gas was .99. Yes, 99 CENTS.

I guess I'm older than you.

Alexa said...

i want to strangle people that say #2

Narm said...

Allison - I got this ALL the time when mowing my lawn.

Beth - I hear you on that. Remember when we complained about $3?

BloggingJason - burn.

Maiden Metallurgist - I can't imagine. Luckily I work with mostly youngsters so I don't get it too bad.

Mel - you're not old you're just old skool.

Alexa - I'll help

surviving myself said...

Adults are the fucking worst. That's why I try and act like a little boy as often as possible.

Anonymous said...

I remember when gas was $1.08!




I think that clumps me into the annoying adult category.


MsPuddin said...

haha, ill save you a seat in hell. man, you make ME feel old. I go around telling people that in high school it was only $12 to fill up my tank. ONLY $12 I tell ya!

rs27 said...

My favorite is, "you kids have it good nowadays."

thanks old man.

Bogart in P Towne said...

I love the one..."You got big now didn't ya."

Yup, fat as a house...

The Doggy Did It said...

I am painting my living room, and I shit you not, every friend I told, asked when I was going to come do theirs....that IS ignorant..and annoying.

Lauren said...

YEP i've heard all of those.

I remember when gas was .99. Seriously. I was 18 and it was very, very exciting.

moooooog35 said...

I hate when they say:


They don't say it often, but when they do, MAN, does that piss me off.

Jenn said...

This is awesome!

G-Sweet said...

lmao!... this was funny!