Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hey, Fall, what gives?

I am a HUGE fan of yours. I haven't missed a single fall since 1983. I love everything about fall - sweatshirts, changing leaves, not having so much back sweat that people ask me if everything is ok. Its great!

But you are a sneaky bastard.

Remember, like, yesterday when it was hotter than Amy Smart outside? I was on a boat on Lake Erie enjoying a cold beer and wondering if the noise I heard was the boat engine or Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronnie Van Zandt spinning in his grave because he just heard Kid Rock ripping off 'Sweet Home Alabama'.

But then today I was sitting in a meeting when I looked out the window and saw the leaves changing colors.

What the hell?

How about a warning? How can you go from burning lava hot outside to nipply? Yeah, I said nipply - and you know I only say nipply when I'm serious.


Don't think I don't see what is going on here. Don't try to steal something I love away from me - first Arrested Development got canceled, now this?

What's that?

You brought some football for me to watch?

Ok, fine, you can stay.

But don't get too comfortable because Winter called and he is bringing snowball fights and hot chocolate.

Good thing too, it may get a little nipply.


Deutlich said...

It's fucking cold already and I am NOT FOND of it. Argh.

Alexa said...

this was good my friend, very good.

last night just smelled like fall in cleveland AND a bought a new dress with long sleeves, yes the fall clothes are upon us.

football helps though.

but hey, this weekend should be perfect. im going to the indians game on sunday you going to be around? email me!

BloggingJason said...

Yeah, it's a good thing you've got those Miami Dolphins to keep you all warm and fuzzy inside....

Changing leaves? Rocktober is gonna shake the green right out of them.

Mel said...

I LOVE FALL! But I am also a crazy Clevelander and love winter too.

Bring on football, snow angels, blizzards... and of course, hot cocoa! Mmmmm.

the almost right word said...

I was sitting outside my house recently and realized that the leaves are already changing colors. You're right -- what gives!?!? Isn't it too soon?

-A said...

I. Love. Fall.

The smell, the cool weather, the changing of leaves, the football (and of course the beginning of hockey season), pumpkin flavored everything...

This post got me really excited.

moooooog35 said...


That magical time of year when you bury fire hydrants in leave piles and then watch the kids jump into it.

Good times...good times.

catscratch said...

Oh yah, babe!!!! Tennessee v. UCLA on Monday!

GO VOLS. And sweaters and changing leaves.

Yay fall!

just a girl... said...

I get Nipply just from hearing Nipply

matt said...

I actually like this time...but yeah, a slight warning woulda been OK!

lacochran said...

Fall is Winter's challenged little brother who tells you the same joke over and over again, when it wasn't funny the first time. But if you say "You told us that already and it's not funny" he gets pissed and dumps his soda on you.

Maybe it's just me.

rs27 said...

Wasn't it hotter than Amy Smart in Road Trip?

Because she was smoking in that one. And being hotter than her would require being 245 degrees.

LBluca77 said...

It is still hot out in California, but then again it is always hot here. Just like every Californian is blonde and surfs.

c.watson said...

I have to agree with lbluca, I'm freakin dieing out here. I'm actually planning on working late because there is AC in the office and none in my third floor apartment. Now I'm sad.

Heff said...

Still Hot as Hell here. Nipply is quite a good ways off.

Lauren said...

It's still hot here. Ridiculously hot. One day, maybe one day it'll be below 90. Ugh.

Nilsa S. said...

Great post! So timely. Thanks!

Karen said...

I have this exboyfriend....
We met in 1999 and were together and saw each other every day for 4 years and stayed friends after and he used to say 'Nipply out'-
and I never purposely said it-
but I pick up what I hear (even Southern accents after a week vacationing down there)-
so every once in a while I will say "It's pretty nipply out" when I mean to say nippy....

and of course it is almost always when I am in my nurse clothes talking to a resident's family member,
or to a boyfriend's mother,
or to my stepfather/uncle/dad.

Those sneaky nipples!!!

April said...

Stop complaining you lucky bastard. We in the southwest, otherwise known as the capital of HELL, still have a good two months of temps over 100.

Yes my friend.

And don't give me that BS about it being a dry heat. When you open up your $500+ Electric bill it is most certainly not a dry heat. There are puddles. Puddles of tears. Tears from those of us crying, screaming, begging mother nature for mercy.

Mother Nature is a heartless bitch.

So enjoy those changing leaves and the promise of sweatshirts and hot chocolate and soon to be snow ball fights. I'll be sitting here eating mac & cheese and drinking cheap beer so I can pay my fricking electric bill and still hopefully contribute to my kids college fund so they have a chance to get out of this God forsaken wasteland without seasons.

Cheep beer man. The horror.

Emma said...

It's been a bit nipply on Martha's Vineyard all summer.

Caden said...

Hmm we haven't had that here. It's been steadily in the upper 70s. I like fall too but then fall leads into winter, which sucks, except for the hot chocolate.

ANG* said...

1) i agree entirely. football is its only redeeming quality. and right now, thats not even enough.

2) completely unrelated. i gave you an award: - thought you would appreciate the stach.

sid said...

I can't wait for summer to get started. It's been raining like crazy.