Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Slug

I was visiting one of my favorite places on earf, A Blog of a Good Time, and, in reference to Lolo Jones tripping over a hurdle and failing to win gold, I said the following:

"I didn't see her break down in the tunnel but I did watch the race. I can't imagine training four years for one moment and then screwing up. I assume it feels like voting for George Bush."

Har-Har. I know - Jay Leno called - he wants his joke back. I mean making fun of the president goes back to the beginning of time - just as Cheney - he was there. Taking a swipe at G-Dub is like sleeping with that slutty girl at your dorm - sure everyone does it but it never gets old. Anyways - another blogger, Gunn was slightly offended. Wait, does slightly mean "ready to murder someone through mind bullets"? I am so bad at definitions:

"Read your comment at Blog Of A Good time about LoLo in the Olympic race and voting for Geo Bush. You are a hater and just enjoy fucking things up for everyone else.
You are no better than the bitter assholes who destroy good for you personal satisfaction.
It's bad enough that politics get injected into the Olympics by the "world leaders" but when dimwits like you do it you leave a slime trail like the slug you are."


When I first read this I had to sit down and collect myself - then I wondered why I was standing up in front of a computer - because when you stand and type you have to do this awkward butt thing where you stick it way out and look a little fruity.

But then after that - I. was. PUMPED.

I haven't really really pissed someone off in awhile. I forgot how much fun this is! I mean I made a joke about Hurricane Katrina last post and got no response - and G-Wheezy, with his <30% approval rate gets me this. I must be playin X-Box baby, cuz I can't stop pushin' buttons.

Not only that - but such passion in the response. Not just name calling - but "fucking things up for everyone else" and "destroying good for your personal satisfaction".

You know what this means? Move over Environment - I am George's new ARCH NEMESIS! "Destroying good for personal satisfaction" sounds a lot like a SuperVillain. And by leaving moderately funny comments on blogs I am "fucking up things for everyone else." Apparently I also leave a trademark "slime trail".

So on the SuperVillain checklist I have -
1. A motive
2. A plan
3. A catchy calling card that will later turn into my SuperVillain name and then a sexy spandex costume

Hello? National Security? This is Narm - Ima fuck shit up.

But being a political Supervillain also has it's disadvantages. I mean I am in constant fear of Georgalicious sending one of his goons to come try and shoot me in the face.

And we all know Cheney is a good shot.


addy said...

Wow. That seems like an irrationably harsh response to a quip.

BloggingJason said...

ZOMG, that's amazing...

I wanna make man-babies in you.

Deutlich said...

Bush is the one that's a slug.

But hey - to each their own. Ya can't understand stupid.


lacochran said...

So, beer is your kryptonite?

Where it has always been acceptable to make fun of the President, people get upset when you make fun of the mentally challenged. Even if they are the President. And they are evil. Pure evil.

Go figure.

JustinS said...

I followed your slime trail to get here.

I'm a little confused about what "good" you destroyed, though. Were you the bastard who took a bite outta that burrito I left in the office fridge? He really should have been clearer about that.

Allison M. said...

Were you wearing a tie? It sounds like you were wearing a tie when you typed that?

Or, maybe Narmilicious should wear a tie. Besides superman, who else rocks the tie?

moooooog35 said...

Wait a minute...

I also destroy good for my own personal satisfaction.

This makes me a bitter asshole as well.

And I believe that Gunn knows bitter assholes.

I'm sure he's tasted plenty in his life.

Can I be your sidekick? I look great in tights.

the almost right word said...

Hey there "hater" --

Keep on hatin'.
Some of us find it refreshing!

Mon said...

Uhhh, yea, you're totally screwing things up. Everyone umm loves the prez-o-dent. Where you been? Under a rock? (poking fun at your slug-iness)

Lauren said...

WOW! Clearly you were making a joke. I love when people take things too far. At least you had fun with it, yeah?

I'll start designing your spandex uniform. Are you for or against capes?

MsPuddin said...

I thought your response was funny, so I guess this means I'm your, sidekick?

muwahahaha! Yessss! Victory is ours, but I think I'd better wear the tight sexy spandex outfit. I'm just saying...

surviving myself said...

No one ever calls me a slug.

I'm jealous.

MsPuddin said...

aw crap. moooog35 back up, I want to be the sidekick. stupid face on hand guy. humph.

rs27 said...

George Bush?

Never heard of him

LBluca77 said...

Pissing people off is my middle name. This Gunn person needs to relax and learn we are all entitled to our opinions. I hate people like him.

P.S. thank you for fucking up things for everyone else and destroy good.

P.S.S. Please take pictures when you get you new super villain sexy spandex costume.

c.watson said...

I for one am offended at the fact that this guy got offended at your slightly offensive comments, and made more offensive comments to you. We in the blogging community need to stick together. If you can't mix failure at sports with political stupidity what can you do? I mean next he'll get mad to find out I had sex with an 8 year-old boy (dude he looked at least 11).

Christina_the_wench said...

Wow. I never knew they raised supervillians in Putnam County? Hell, I woulda stayed if I knew that.

Can I design your logo? I got 5 minutes to spare.

catscratch said...

I had a really pissed off comment, but I forgot it when I read that jason wanna be makin man babies.

I'm gonna yack.

Hex said...

Mistakes make Mr. Bigglesworth angry, and when Mr. Bigglesworth get's angry -- people DIIIIEEE!!!

Marie said...

Wow. So I guess this Gunn person lives in Communist China where everything needs to be censored?

kelli said...

I wish my moderately funny jokes were nearly as good as yours. You are my superhero.

Douchegirl said...

"You are a hater and just enjoy fucking things up for others..."

He knows how to go straight for the jugular.

(vixenchick) said...

hi i really like your blog! you are too funny.

Kelly and José said...

WORDS. . .

Can you post a picture?

Or several????????????

I don't mean to be all ADD, but I just can't focus*


Karen said...

Besides, it's kind of funny when a hater falsely calls someone else a hater ;-)
But I am a little disappointed: usually the grammar and spelling are much worse thereby much more humorous in these flagrant comments :-(